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Dr. Joyce Watford, an Educator and aDescendant of America’s Slaves

November 22, 2016




It appears that what has happened in the 2017 Presidential election of Donald Trump as the 45th POTUSA is proportionate to treason against democracy in the USA; and someone should be held accountable, beginning with the President-Elect because he obviously was aware of treasonous intents against a democratic USA, but refused to expose the Movement. Instead, he became complicit—a major accomplice—to the Movement and now promises to spread the benefits (our nation’s fruits) around to all of the conspirators/perpetrators, for them to hoard.  Shouldn’t there be an investigation and someone (or groups) held accountable?  But, on second thought, who is going to prosecute them since this treason against our country and the American people, as we know them to be, reaches all the way up the ladder of elected public officials, the corporate-controlled media, Corporate America, the military, the courts, including the Supreme Court of the land and even certain segments of American voters?  Who knew what this 2017 Presidential election was really about but chose not to expose it to all of the American people?  It is reasonable to think that some members of the media knew and inside-politicians of Hillary’s status probably knew, but chose to keep the Movement a secret from the American people whose support she was counting on.  Or perhaps she was in the dark like most of us, until now.  However, it is incumbent that she, of all people, starts speaking out and up about what has happened/is happening to our country and that indictments and impeachments of the highest levels of government may be in order, on the grounds that American values and government have been dangerously compromised by the 2017 Presidential election.

The Movement alluded to in the above paragraph is a movement away from a democratic government to an Authoritarian government, which was manifested in Trump’s Presidential campaign, but which most of us did not recognize and/or understand the big picture that is unfolding now. President-Elect Trump ran a campaign for POTUSA on deception, except for his demonstration of incivility and intolerance for everything and everyone different from himself—a privileged, very rich white male, who conducted himself like a dictator. Minus the exception stated in the previous sentence, in every other respect, President-Elect Trump, during his Presidential campaign, was pretending to care about little Americans whose sacrifices have made and continue to make our country great—claims which can now be made after revelations that have unfolded since his historic, revolutionary election as 45th POTUSA, such as (1) Republicans now control our government and country. (2) Our country’s and government’s power now sits in the hands of one political party—Republicans:  President-Elect Trump is proceeding to put together a racially and culturally homogenous cabinet made up, for the most part, of male, Caucasian, Republican politicians who are hard-liners and loyalists, with dubious backgrounds which do not represent American values which make our country and government exceptional at home and in the world. (3) No one around the President-Elect dares to oppose or challenge him, making him appear authoritative and dictatorial, surrounded by his own carbon copies. (4) He and those around him are anti-transparent and speak with forked tongues to hide truths and to deceive and/or mislead. (5) In hindsight, Donald Trump’s TV reality show, “The Apprentice,” (whose title now is very telling) had a deeper and darker purpose which really had nothing to do with entertainment, as most of us took it for.  It was a show about the real power of indoctrination of people, showing how people can be brutally controlled and transformed in service to the master for whom they will do anything—jump through any hoops as high as they can—to please the master who promises to reward them with materialism whereby they can continue to serve the master better into perpetuity. It pitted individuals and groups against each other to weed out the strong or the best among them, leaving only the mediocre or weak ironically to become coveted leaders deserving rewards for their obedience and service to the master. This concept is the same concept on which Authoritarianism is based (to train people to accept and depend on authority [someone outside of and socio-economically above themselves] for their socio-economic success and prosperity, the way that in dictatorships, a royal elite rules over its people as subjects of the regime or the state—where human beings are regarded as property and pawns, and not as individuals capable of self-rule and self-reliance.       

There are scary images featured in the news of poor whites, in socio-economically depressed regions of the country, expressing desires to be Donald Trump and hoping that he will bring jobs back to their communities and states to better their socio-economic status, not even realizing that Trump’s billions did not materialize from his having worked for the state or anybody/anything else, except himself.  He does not even pay taxes to support anybody or anything else, that is, if he is not going to profit. He has even stated that he does not pay taxes like the little people do because he is too smart (which should have been a red flag for his poor, uneducated, and disaffected supporters). Yet these very same people whom Trump put down with contempt and disdain while still appealing to their discontent have ironically thrown their support behind him, expecting him to save them from poverty so they can become rich like him.  However, Trump is living proof that depending on someone else, especially, who does not even live in their world is going to make them rich and powerful—which will result in more competition for himself—is ludicrous.

Though, contrary to popular belief, history has shown over and over that segments of the American population (poor and working class whites) act against their own class interests by foolishly and blindly endorsing right-wing extremist politicians who falsely promise to serve disaffected whites by resolving whatever issues they have—racism, immigration, lost jobs, low wages, loss of the American Dream, etc.—only to find out that these extremist politicians actually have no real interests in dismantling a political system that benefits only the elite. However, Trump may appease these groups with temporary symbols, but not with any permanent, substantive, systemic change. Poor and working class whites constitute a very dangerous element in the unfinished legacies of class and race in the USA.  Whites continue to undermine themselves and others due to a caste system in our country that ranks people by race and class, with white elites at the very top, non-elite working-class whites in the middle, and poor whites and blacks on the bottom. Whites at the bottom and in the middle cannot accept or resolve their places on the totem pole because of skin color and race, which contribute to their belief that they should hold a more superior place on the ladder where they too are looked up to by subordinates who would include everyone who is not white.  They misguidedly believe that if they prostrate themselves enough and prove their loyalty to their white elite counterpart, they can eventually move up the scale and become like their white elite counterpart, because of skin color and race, but the caste system is not that simple.  Bloodlines, as well as wealth (wealth more so than bloodlines today), have much to do with assigned positions in the caste hierarchy.

Monochromatic hard-liners and loyalists in Trump’s Presidential Cabinet will not make America great again.  Actually, they portend to be the death of her, if those of us who are both vested and invested in her values, cultures, and exceptionalities do not go to bat and fight for her in this very dark time in 21st Century USA!

People thought Trump was running for the position of leader of the free world, but that is farthest from the truth. Au contraire (to the contrary), he never intended to run as leader of the free world.  He intended to run as a leader of a fast-becoming Authoritarian world, which he did and succeeded—his success—marked by a historic and revolutionary election in the history of the USA. With Trump’s election as 45th POTUSA, we must realize and understand that our country and government are now in crisis—are under siege. Therefore, we must not normalize Trump’s Presidential election in any way and by any circumstance, if we want to remain a free country and people.  President-Elect Trump is an imminent threat to both when he repeatedly, over and over, attacks our American values and what we stand for.

President Obama says reality will force Trump to adjust many of his positions. What does that really mean, given the dark bent of politics at home and in the world today?  Does that mean that Trump will be more rigid or more flexible, moving forward, and why should he be either?  Trump’s positions have pretty much been in sync with anti-democratic shifts going on in Europe today, whereby national identity, anti-immigration, militarization, gun and other forms of mass violence, and Authoritarianism are driving movements away from democratic principles, tolerance for cultural and racial diversity and equality, and socio-economic inclusion. Trump’s positions are proving to be the realities in the USA today and in the world. His positions are in sync with revolutionary conflict both world-wide and at home, which threaten to upend our state (though in decline) of exceptionalism in the world.  The truth is that our government is (and has been for a long time) moving our country away from a country of exceptionalism where only in the world can racial and cultural diversity co-exist. This is indeed a matter worth fighting for!

Trump’s appointments to his 2017 Presidential Cabinet are revealing that he intends to remain true to his campaign promises to “Make America Great Again.”  His choices are very deliberate and strategic by design to continue forward with the anti-democratic, Republican Movement toward Authoritarian government in the USA, which was catapulted into motion with the Supreme Court’s ruling in the 1954 Civil Rights Act that outlawed segregated schools (separate and unequal schooling in the US). However, Authoritarianism has always existed in the USA and therefore predates 1954, but the Civil Rights ruling in 1954 posed a significant threat to white supremacy racism which spurred the white resistant backlash movement we are still living with today and which gave rise to Trump’s election as 45th POTUSA—a feat that must not be overlooked and explained away in our country’s and people’s democracy.

All of President-Elect Trump’s appointments deserve scrutiny and stern challenges, for they reveal that he is up to political deception and mischief to advance an anti-democratic revolution.  For example, the three minority appointments Trump recently made are both a façade for and an expose of how Trump intends to spread status quo Establishment politics. His recent appointments of so-called minorities to his list of federal appointments are merely distractions away from how he is filling his Cabinet. The image he wants to portray for the American public is that he is being fair and inclusive, not withstanding, however, with marginalization.  The three appointments are problematic on two fronts: 1.The appointees have been given marginalized/racialized positions outside of their work experience. (A marginalized position is used here to mean a position that keeps one from acting outside of or against the status quo.)  2. Having no prior work experience in what the American public would expect the three appointees to do for the poor and left behind means that they will not be able to hit the ground running (except for DeVos). They will have to learn their terrain before they can act independently and in good faith. Time is not on their side to do that, so they will impose old biases and prejudices onto their new posts. 

Therefore, nothing will change, except the names:  Betsy DeVos, a Republican donor and a school choice activist, is a proponent of privatization of education and, of course, segregated schools, perhaps hidden under what appears to be a liberal approach to or reform of public education in the country—schools of choice or charter schools—which can be double-edged swords. The point is that nothing will get fixed for the greater good under DeVos as Secretary of Education. Actually, in keeping with Authoritarianism, everything will get worse. DeVos’ position is not necessarily marginalized because she will be expected to continue doing what she was doing before, except now she will do it under disguise or cover.  Dr. Ben Carson, a retired neurosurgeon, is in a truly marginalized position outside of his prior work experience. An appointment more suitable for him where he might have been able to make a difference in the lives of all Americans would have been as U.S. Surgeon-General.  But, no! Trump appointed him to lead HUD (Housing and Urban Development)—an appointment for which Dr. Carson probably has no passion and certainly no prior experience with which he can use to make a difference in the left behind lives and structural racial divides of our inner cities. South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley, again, has no experience in the international arena—a prerequisite one would think essential for a US Ambassadorship to the UN.  Her service will perhaps be anchored in provincialism which will color her positions on many issues facing the UN, as US Ambassador.  The point—which we must not lose sight of—is that Trump’s moves are cloaked in deception and are not to be taken for granted.  They are intended to keep status quo Establishment politics skewed in favor of Corporate America, the elite, and Authoritarianism.  Surely, he will throw a few crumbs out to the disaffected and the disfranchised to keep them appeased and weak while he continues to carry out major agendas against them.  Make no bones about it—this is the Master Plan for the Authoritarian takeover of our democracy and the lives and souls of the non-elite classes of American people.



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