NYC Mayoral Candidate Stringer Responds to Intercept Article on Sex Allegation

Scott Stringer released the following statement regarding an article in the Intercept
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This afternoon, New York City Comptroller Scott Stringer released the following statement regarding an article in The Intercept relating to the sexual assault allegation that has been made against him by Jean Kim:

"The reporting done by The Intercept supports what I have said since last week — Ms. Kim’s allegation is not true. As the reporting shows, she was not an intern on my campaign, her timeline is incorrect, she sought a job with my campaign in 2013, and she and I had a friendship for years and a relationship for several months.

"I now ask Ms. Kim and her lawyer to account for the inconsistencies and falsehoods in their statements. I welcome further objective reporting and scrutiny, which I know will uncover the truth: that this allegation is false. New Yorkers deserve to make their choice for Mayor solely on the merits and the whole truth."

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