Republican Voter: Why Donald Trump Is A Danger And Why I Won't Vote For Him

he disregards laws.
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Republican voter Greg explains why he won't vote for Donald Trump. Image: YouTube screen capture 
[Countdown To Election: Day 28]
Hi, I’m Greg. I’m a Republican voter from the state of Pennsylvania, the swing state of Pennsylvania. I’ve been a registered Republican since Nixon.
My first presidential vote was for Nixon, when the Vietnam war was raging. I started reading The Wall Street Journal when I was very young. I come from a working class family. I came really not from the wrong side of the tracks but from under it.
I know all about enterprise, freedom, diligence, and entrepreneurship. I have this to say about our current president. Being in the financial industry 25 years ago, I was aware of his misdeeds and knew 25 years ago that Donald Trump was not just stupid, but mean. What’s new to me in his term is he’s just not stupid and mean, he’s cruel and he’s uneducated. 
He’s a danger to this country. He is not a Republican. He doesn’t espouse conservative values, like the rule of law, that everyone is equal before the law. He trashes the constitution, he disregards laws. This man is a criminal. What he’s done in the Ukraine and elsewhere is treason.
There’s one reason why I did not vote for Trump in 2016. Donald Trump is a fucking moron. That’s the one reason, and I tell you I’m stunned at his cruelty and his stupidity. The man is uneducated. He is a threat to everything we value. He disparages veterans. Why? Because they’e “suckers and losers” in his small mind.
All my relations were in the war, World War II, they’ve been in all our nation’s wars. I am disheartened and disappointed beyond belief. In the name of God, I tell you, you’ve got to wake up and smell the coffee. This man is a great danger to our nation. I fear for our future if this man is re-elected.
I didn’t vote for him four years ago and in good conscience I’d vote for an empty tomato can. Joe Biden will do just fine. My God, the man is normal, cares about more than his own family. The man is a blessing. We need to receive this. Thank you very much for your time and God bless America, and all those who fought and died for it. 

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