Trump Has Already Sown Seeds of Post-Election Violence

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Psycho candidate sows seeds of violence


I don’t know about you but Donald Trump’s declaration that he may not concede an unfavorable election outcome is extremely disturbing to me.

None of the commentary by politicians and pundits which I’ve heard mentions my primary concern; the potential for violent reaction which such a psychopath’s inability to accept reality might foment among his most rabid supporters.

As celebrities within our culture, political figures as well
as those employed by the news and entertainment media, often use limousines or other private travel options including planes. Many live in gated communities, work in buildings with top notch security staffs, and shop in the most exclusive and, therefore protected areas. It may not even occur to these denizens of the elite social order that a massive population of "others" exists who depend upon
public transportation while living and working in open, less sheltered environments.

Their situations leave them vulnerable to random attacks by undocumented lunatics similar to those waged
in San Bernadino, Orlando, Boston, Sandy Hook and Manhattan’s Chelsea section.

Donald Trump didn’t need to utter the word “rigged” during the third debate; his earlier accusation undermining the upcoming election and many messages of hate --anti-Black, anti-women, anti-Muslim, anti-immigrants -- are solidly embedded in the national conversation.

Combine his charge of a “rigged election,” with his insane demands for “crooked” Hillary’s arrest and prosecution and, his avid support of a loosely interpreted second amendment, then it's clear Trump has concocted a potent recipe sure to incite some of his fellow sufferers of mental illness to commit twisted acts of vengeance if he loses.

With his threat to keep us "in suspense” Trump has turned the nation's most important political process into a reality television segment; a phenomenon which routinely ends in acts of mayhem.

Unless this poisonous message Trump has disseminated is strongly condemned, repudiated and countered by politicians and media pundits post-election violence resulting in deaths will occur.

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