Voter Suppression: Georgia Groups Organize ‘Souls to the Capitol’ Event

Thursday, March 24 at 12pm, a coalition of faith leaders, activists, and voters will peacefully surround the Georgia State Capit
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Tomorrow, Thursday, March 24 at 12pm, a coalition of faith leaders, activists, and voters will peacefully surround the Georgia State Capitol in an effort to demand that legislators reject voter suppression bills, oppose SB 202, and call on Georgia businesses to stand up for voters and for democracy.

Bills introduced by Georgia lawmakers in recent months represent the worst voter suppression legislation since Jim Crow. These bills directly attack Black, Brown, immigrant, and young voters in a variety of ways, from imposing strict ID requirements that impede the ability of voters to cast their ballots by mail to eliminating voting on Sundays -- a move purposefully intended to decrease Souls to the Polls events and decrease Black voter participation through the faith community.

Additionally, SB 202 stands in opposition to the core tenets of faith and service to our fellow citizens by allowing intimidation tactics against voters and criminalizing human kindness by outlawing the provision of food and water to fellow Georgians waiting in long lines to vote.

SB 202 makes it clear as day that Republicans will stop at nothing to continue their unrelenting assault on the right to vote.

In response, Georgia voters are standing up for their right to vote tomorrow by telling their leaders at the Georgia State Capitol: Our right to vote is sacred. Enough is enough, stop silencing our voices.

Georgia voters are also demanding that businesses headquartered in the state -- Coca-Cola, Home Depot, Delta, UPS, and more -- stop their shameful silence as Georgia Republicans continue their rampage to dismantle voting access in Georgia - the complicity of the business community will be remembered..

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