We Can't Go Back To The Bad Old Days So Vote Clinton -- John Lewis

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Rep.  John Lewis


[Democratic National Convention]

My beloved Democrats, there are forces in America that want to take us backwards.

They want to undo 50 years of progress this Nation has made under Democratic leadership. We’ve come too far. We’ve made too much progress and we’re not going back, we’re going forward. That’s why we all must go to the polls in November and vote like we never, ever voted before.

Eight years ago, our party nominated and elected the first person of color to ever serve in the White House not just for one, but two terms.

Tonight we will shatter that glass ceiling again. We’re the party of tomorrow, and we will build a true democracy in America.

I must tell you, I have known Hillary Clinton for many years. She is one of the most qualified candidates to ever run for president. She is a leader, sometimes sailing against the wind to break down the barriers that divide us.

She’s smart, just smart. She could have done anything with her life, but she decided long ago she didn’t want to just do well, she wanted to do good. And so she has dedicated her life to public service and building a better America.

On behalf of all the mothers trying to make ends meet and fathers who haven’t seen a pay increase in years; on behalf of all the students, drowning in a sea of debt; on behalf of all who suffer injustice and discrimination because of the color of their skin, who protest for immigrant rights, LGBT rights, voting rights, and more fairness in America; on behalf of all the victims of senseless gun violence, I give you a leader who can unite us as a nation, a leader who can break down barriers and build a better future for every American.

She will fight for us all with her heart, soul, and mind.

My fellow Democrats, I am pleased to second the nomination of Hillary Rodham Clinton as our party’s candidate for President of the United States.


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