Bigger Thomas: Who Protects The World From Corporate Media?

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The allegations against Cosby story is even bigger than ISIS story right now

The Media are interesting in the way stories are shaped and elevated into the "BIG" story:

Kony2012, the phony exaggeration of the threats to regional peace from a by-then depleted Lord's Resistance Army (LRA) to deploy U.S. troops to Central Africa and at the same time prop a puppet, Gen. Yoweri Museveni, the 21st century version of Mobutu.

Al-Quathafi in Libya, and how he was a threat to global security because he was about to exterminate his "own people." So NATO goes and destroys Libya by bombing the country into the stone age. Soon after Al-Quathafi killed, Hillary Clinton lands in Tripoli to flash victory sign -- "we came, we saw, we killed him" -- and Senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham also head there to help usher the "new" Libya. Now anarchy and banditry rule Libya; Clinton, McCain, and Graham won't head back there for a while. Meanwhile, no one will pay the price except Libyans and everyone loses the oil output.

Al-Qaeda; what ever happened to them?

Taliban; are they on vacation?

George Zimmerman; he's sanitized by media who demonize Trayvon Martin and pave the way for the killer's acquittal. Zimmerman goes on to threaten his father in law, wife and other girlfriend with gun. Poor Trayvon; media chose Zimmerman over the Black teenager.

The Ukraine: A few months ago corporate media were hyperventilating and about to drag the U.S. into war with Russia. Sarah Palin and other GOP top dogs questioned Obama's masculinity when compared to the bare-chested tiger-wrestling Vladimir Putin. "America is losing its position in the world," said they. Today, not many Americans may even remember Ukraine; and Putin is no longer such a darling of the Republicans.

ISIS; this killer army was created by the support of rebellion in Syria. Now ISIS's rampage is paving the way for more U.S. boots back on ground for a winless war. Better to arm Bashar Assad and let him fight ISIS. Why send low-income Americans to fight there while the sons of the Romneys never go?

Black NFL domestic abusive players; this problem was suddenly just discovered and I suppose the problem doesn't exist in the predominantly White National Hockey League (NHL) right?

Boko Haram; what happened to the once biggest story in the world? Where are the girls and urgency to save them? Why isn't it a big story any more? Who decides?

Ebola; a disastrous calamity for sure and could take several years for Liberia, Guinea, and Sierra Leone to cover. But hmm, very curious response -- Cuba sends 461 doctors, U.S. sends some doctors but commits 3,000 troops.  Thankfully President Obama has now asked for $6 billion to help fight disease; let's see how GOP Congress responds.

A Killer cop in Ferguson, Darren Wilson, plays the race card as his defense, coming up two months after the killing, with his version of story. Media help sanitize him, including the New York Times, playing up his improbable "defense". The poor little officer was afraid of this Big Black giant teenager, Bigger Thomas, a.k.a Michael Brown, who allegedly struggled with him while he's in his car and Bigger is outside, for his gun. And, Wilson was still supposedly acting in self defense when he fired after him as Bigger fled, and then still felt threatened when Bigger turned and raised his hands -- so Wilson put a bullet in Bigger's right eye, and as he fell, on the apex of his head.

Now this hero cop awaits a no-bill (no indictment) from St. Louis Grand Jury.

And the current BIG story is Bill Cosby. Still evaluating the "why now" media focus part on the serious allegations and if past allegations against other celebrities such as Woody Allen and others will be revisited too.

Can't Wait for the next BIG story.

I can tell you three that WON'T make it as BIGGIES:

Income Inequality in U.S.; The New Jim Crow incarceration rates of Black folk and police brutality, which are considered "isolated incidents" even though they happen consistently to mostly Black males, and at the hands of White cops; and U.S. support for genocidal dictators in Rwanda and Uganda, who've helped killed millions of people in Congo, through multiple wars of resource plunder.

Who will protect the world from corporate media spin, perversion and selectivity? 

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