Fight Against Racial Injustices: Why Black Judges and Police Officers Must Step Up

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George Zimmerman, killer of Trayvon Martin. Photo: YouTube.


Black people working in law enforcement, both judges and police officers, must stand up and support the few football players who have decided to take a stand on racist police behavior despite the sacrifice and risks including being whitelisted, Colin Kaepernick being the prime example.

More than any other professionals, Black judges and police officers have a unique view of what is going on in our communities. When a conscious Black judge sees decisions like the one that exonerated George Zimmerman in the murder of Trayvon Martin and other egregious cases, they must feel something; great outrage--an affront to the so-called justice system and repudiation of his or her own humanity.

When Black police officers see their White colleagues abuse and even murder other Blacks they must feel great outrage. They must not play comatose. White police officers and judges often show blatant disregard for the feelings of Black people so it is impossible not to know what is going on in the streets and courts in this country.

There is no obligation to allow White law enforcement to take advantage of Black pedestrians and motorists. Guilty officials must be held accountable for their actions. They must be stopped either verbally or arrested when they go far beyond the limits of the law.

When apprehended they must be fully sanctioned, including firing and prosecution, and not just given a desk job for a month or two before being allowed to the streets.

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