Fire Violent Columbus, Ohio Cop Who Stomped Black Man's Head on Curb

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Zachary Rosen-- in troouble for Rosen Stomp

In one of the latest police brutality outrages, a White officer in Columbus, Ohio was caught on a bystander videotape stomping a Black man’s head into the sidewalk—while the man lay on his stomach, already restrained in handcuffs, by another officer.
This unnecessary violent action—on the part of this police officer—should end with his immediate termination from the police force.
This officer needs to be sent walking, given the past outrages he is already accused of, along with this latest travesty. If he isn’t removed, it would be unjust—and would represent yet one more shameless example of government officials giving their blessings, and bending over backward to accommodate thuggish cops who brutalize Black Americans.
In a witness bystander video, from this past Saturday, Officer Zachary Rosen of Columbus, Ohio Police—who was previously accused of engaging in what witnesses described as the “overkill” of Henry Green, another Black man, last summer—is seen stomping Demarco Anderson’s head into the ground, as he lay on his stomach, already handcuffed by another officer. If that wasn’t bad enough, he then proceeds to pull out his gun—and point it downward at Anderson’s body as he also straddles Anderson. This last action is reminiscent of Louisiana police officers sitting on Alton Sterling—before they shot and murdered him.
Just before Anderson was stomped on by Rosen, Anderson reportedly asked the other officer who was handcuffing him “Why are you being aggressive, sir?” A few seconds later Rosen bounces Anderson’s head off the ground when he greets him with a kick. To that, Anderson said “Are you serious? I got cuffs on sir.”

Anderson was arrested for allegedly firing a gun outside a house. However, regardless of what Anderson was being arrested for, nothing in his conduct warranted the police assault he was subjected to by those who are allegedly there to enforce “the law.” The video shows a handcuffed and restrained Anderson. Rosen abused his power—and should be fired from the police force.
The Columbus Police Department claims it is investigating the actions of this abusive officer.
In a statement they said “Officer Zachary Rosen is under investigation for his actions that took place involving a suspect under arrest on Saturday, April 8, 2017. Officer Rosen has been reassigned to a non-patrol duty indefinitely. Based on what we’ve [seen] in the video taken on Saturday April 8, 2017, the action taken by one of our officers does not meet the standards by the Columbus Division of Police. It appears to be inconsistent with the values and training we instill in our officers. The officer self-reported a kick to the suspect while the suspect was in custody. We’ll learn more as the investigation continues and take appropriate actions based on the facts gathered.”
What does the Columbus Police Department mean when it says Officer Rosen’s violent action “appears to be inconsistent with the values and training we instill in our officers?” What kind of spineless equivocating language is this? Isn’t this unprovoked assault clear enough? Do politicians talk this way when a police officer is attacked by some ruffian?
Even worse than the curb-stomping of Anderson, is what Rosen did after; he partially sat on Anderson with one knee, while pulling his gun. Why was it necessary to pull his gun? The video clearly shows the first officer had Anderson—who was not resisting at all—handcuffed, before Rosen curb-stomped him. After all that, he still pulls a gun?
Columbus Mayor Andrew Ginther said the video "disturbed and upset" him. "The behavior we saw in the video was unacceptable and inconsistent with our values as a community," the mayor said. "It erodes the trust the residents of this city place in law enforcement."
Given these statements by the mayor, and the awful history Officer Rosen has, Mayor Ginther, and city officials, need to immediately fire this disgraceful officer.
Mayor Ginther, and officials in Columbus, should follow the lead of officials in Gwinnette, Georgia. There, on Thursday, they fired two police officers, Sgt. Michael Bongiovanni and Officer Robert McDonald, after a bystander video emerged showing them beating motorist Demetrius Hollins, another Black man, without just cause during a traffic stop. They were fired within twenty-four hours of them being exposed as brutalizers of the people—liars hiding behind their badges.
Some are now arguing that police body-cams have not stopped these brutalizers—and have not led to justice in the legal arena. Indeed, body-cams have not given us justice in the courtroom, yet. However, Black America should continue to demand that those who police Black communities be required to have body-cams on their persons, and in their vehicles. Black America cannot afford to trust police—because of their consistent pattern of abusive behavior.
We must keep eyes on them, at all times. All interactions with them most be documented, by videotape as much as possible.
In this Columbus case, there is ample reason why Officer Rosen should be given his walking papers—beside his unprovoked assault on Mr. Anderson. This officer, only a few weeks ago, was not indicted for the killing of another Black man on June 6, 2016.
According to witnesses, on that night, Officer Rosen, and police partner Officer Jason Bare, were both in plainclothes when they approached Henry Green and his friend Christian Rutledge, for whatever reason—most likely, because they were walking while Black. Apparently, Green thought he was about to be attacked. Police claim they saw Green holding a gun, identified themselves as cops, and asked him to drop the weapon—but that he fired on them instead. However, Rutledge told the Columbus Dispatch he only realized Rosen and Bare were cops after his friend was handcuffed and lay bleeding to death on the ground.
Police talk about him having a gun. Would a White man, in a similar scenario, elicite the same response? Aren’t these the same people always talking about Second Amendment rights?
Officer Rosen reportedly fired his weapon 15 times—even as Anderson lay wounded on the ground. Witnesses described Rosen’s actions as “overkill.”
Demonstrations ensued after this killing and many demanded the Franklin County prosecutor’s office charge Rosen and Bare with reckless homicide. But, unsurprisingly, this officer was not indicted by a grand jury just a few weeks ago. What is even more egregious here is that one year before killing Henry, Officer Rosen was found—by the Columbus Police Department’s Internal Affairs Bureau—to have retaliated against a citizen in June of 2015. In that particular incident, Rosen admitted he “escalated the situation” with that citizen. Moreover, Internal Affairs said he “did not use good discretion” and “did not exhibit proper conduct or self-control.”
A year before that infraction, Officer Rosen allegedly pointed his gun at the head of a 15-year-old. Given all of these horrible actions, why is this man still on the police force? Is the Police Department waiting for him to brutalize—and possibly kill—more Black people before officials in Columbus take action?
Everyday more American police officers are exposed as unabashed brutalizers of Black people.
When politicians, and police apologists, find ways to subvert the crimes of police, by manipulating the legal system to cover-up their brutal behavior, their lack of integrity and common decency is also compromised.
Politicians, and police officials, must start acting decisively when police perpetrate these kinds of atrocities against Black people. Unfortunately, police seem to think a phony president, using “law and order” rhetoric in the White House means they will be able to continue abusing Black people, indefinitely.
More so since attorney general Jeff Sessions has said the Department of Justice will discontinue the practice of initiated under President Obama of investigating police departments for brutality.
Have they really learned nothing from the assassinations of police officers in Dallas and Louisiana?

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