Florida's KW Miller And Twitter Madness Unleashed By Trump

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Florida's KW Miller. Photo: Twitter.

Hopefully in four months time Donald Trump's ample rear will begin its exit from The White House and not a minute too soon.

Yet Trumpism--making open display of racism and bizarre hostile tweets a normal thing--will remain as his legacy to this country.

Trump has brought the old South back on the national stage. The open display of racism and anti-Blackness reached a high point with the slow-motion public execution of George Floyd by Derek Chauvin on May 25.

The pushback, in the form of national and global protests, continues. At the same time, racists are holding their ground--just like they did during the Civil Rights Marches of the 1960s. Police murders of unarmed Black men have continued and there have been attacks on people attending Black Lives Matter rallies, including hit-and-run vehicular assaults and even with firearms.

These kind of attacks are inevitable but those involved march against the tide of history. There was an attempted lynching of a Black man in Indiana by pot-bellied tattooed rednecks. When people rallied to protests the attack, at least two were struck by in a hit-and-run drive by.

Then we have lunatics who've learned from Trump that you can trend by Tweeting anything that emerges from your rear-end. That seems to be the strategy now adopted by one KW Miller, a Congressional candidate in Florida's 18th District. He first accused Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of conspiring with Korean agents and TikTok to disrupt Donald Trump's failed Tulsa rally--obviously the racist president and his supporters haven't recovered from this repudiation--and in his latest tweet he cliams the entertainer Beyonce isn't African American and that her real name is "Ann Marie Lastrassi."

This nincompoop knows he's tweeting nonsense but in this era of Trump Tweet madness, he knows he will get people to write about it--and the proof is that he's trending on Twitter and we are also writing about him. Miller figures if a mad man could be elected president with lunatic and racist tweets, he has a shot at Congress, where --presumably he believes--the bar is lower.

When Trump is drained from Washington hopefully some of the swamps he's created around the country will also start disappearing.

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