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Gen. Kagame--more pressure as U.S. slaps sanctions

Dear Friend, 

Thank you for sending the postcards to the U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry. Your voice is making a difference. Last week the Obama Administration moved to block military aid to Rwanda "over the recruitment of M23 child soldiers in its territory." Click here to read article!

Please continue to send your postcards to Secretary of State, John Kerry. If you have not yet received your postcards, please be patient. We are receiving far more orders than anticipated. We encourage you to continue to spread the word and ask your family, friends, loved ones, religious institutions and others in your network to request postcards to send to the Secretary of State.

Due to the increased demand for cards, we encourage you to support the campaign with a modest financial contribution to offset our printing and shipping costs. You can make an online contribution here or send a check to:

Friends of the Congo

1629 K Street, NW Ste 300

Washington, DC 20006

Thank you for your support and getting involved to bring about peace and stability in the heart of Africa!

Maurice Carney

Executive Director


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