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["Speaking Truth To Empower"]
Benjamin: "George Floyd’s murder could’ve been prevented if politicians, and prosecutors, had a zero-tolerance policy regarding police brutality."
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Derek Chauvin,Tou Thao, J. Alexander Kueng, and Thomas K. Lane must all face real justice for murdering George Floyd.

America is on fire.

The country is now engulfed by raging rebellious righteous anger that is leading to violent confrontation and destruction.

It didn’t have to be this way. This could’ve all been avoided.

But we now face a new violent reality because our leaders have turned a blind eye to systemic racism, economic inequality, police brutality and murder.

We now hear our failed American leaders complaining that peaceful protests are being “hijacked.” Whose fault is that? Politicians, like police, still refuse to take responsibility for allowing deadly racist policing to continue. Indifferent political procrastination is the primary cause of the violent actions now taking place on American streets.

Let’s be clear: the chaotic conflagration the country now finds itself in is the consequence of decades of failed leadership.

George Floyd’s murder could’ve been prevented if politicians, and prosecutors, had a zero-tolerance policy regarding police brutality. But since they have shown us that they don’t care about Black lives, we’ve had police murder after police murder after police murder.

Floyd’s innocent blood is not only on the hands of police. It is, more importantly, on the blood-stained hands of prosecutors, and politicians—not just Republicans, but Democrats as well—who have ignored racist police violence. They are complicit in the murder and mayhem racist policing practices cause.

For years, I’ve written articles and columns about police murder and brutality against Black people. I’ve long lost count of how many. But with repeated regularity, there is yet another murderous outrage—but no fundamental change.

Our sanctimonious tone-deaf political leaders are now decrying the violence on display on streets across America. Many of these hypocrites now conveniently wrap themselves in the mantle of Dr. King with deceitful talk about protesting peacefully. Since when do they live by Dr. King’s principles?

America was built on violence. It still lives on violence. Isn’t American foreign policy based on the subjugation and exploitation of other nations to seize the wealth of their natural resources?

White Europeans massacred and murdered Native Americans under euphemistic phrases like “Manifest Destiny” while stealing this land. They then kidnapped millions of Africans and looted our labor for centuries to make this nation a world superpower. All along violence was the main tool used to achieve these ill-gotten gains.

Ever since then, violence has underpinned the American ethos. To pretend otherwise is profoundly dishonest. America lives by the “might makes right” method of conflict resolution. The language of violence is as American as apple pie.

When white men march with guns on the streets of America—or, on state capitols—do we hear these political misleaders, or media press pundits, calling on them to protest peacefully? White men love their guns, and the Second Amendment, which is why white men in Congress vigilantly defend this “right.”

This is done because: The Second Amendment and the gun have always been used to practice domestic terroristic violence on Black people, especially by the police. The murders of Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and now George Floyd, are just recent examples of this. Indeed, Black American communities have long been the primary training grounds and killing fields for deadly violence inside America.

The easiest way for a Black man to legally get a gun in America is to go into the military. Many politicians now denouncing the protest violence make no such denunciations when they give American soldiers “kill man machinery” to murder and bomb some country “back to the stone age.” It is perfectly fine when Blacks are given guns to kill people “over there,” but we are expected to peacefully protest here—even when being violently attacked by criminal police thugs.

Black people face the most severe systemic state-sponsored violence of any group in America. The same, often warmongering, Congressional leaders who tell our people to peacefully protest have been silently sitting on their asses over the decades as police commit genocidal acts against us. They own the disaster and disorder now occurring in the country.

Black people have always peacefully protested against police murder and economic violence and nothing meaningful has been done. As the saying goes “no justice, no peace.” Where is the justice?

In this case, only one of George Floyd’s killers, Derek Chauvin, has been arrested. He has been charged with third-degree murder and manslaughter. Many, rightly, are calling for a more significant charge than third-degree murder—given the callous cold-blooded crime he was videotaped committing.

The other three officers, Tou Thao, J. Alexander Kueng, and Thomas K. Lane, must all be arrested as well for their complicity in the murder. Officer Lane held down Floyd’s legs. Officer Kueng held Floyd’s back. And Officer Thao prevented concerned citizens from intervening during this act of state murder.

All of these former police officers acted in concert to murder this innocent man. They must all be punished harshly.

We all know whenever someone kills a police officer they will face the harshest sentence the state allows. This is done because political and prosecutorial officials want the citizenry to respect the lives of police, who perform their duties at the behest of the government.

However, hypocritically, our leaders while doing this, rarely punish police for committing unconscionable acts of murder, especially against Blacks like George Floyd. Yet, we hear a lot of jive talk about “law and order,” and the “rule of law.” Allowing police to murder Black people exposes the domestic terroristic nature of American policing.

Shouldn’t police who commit murder be prosecuted and punished with equal fervor as those who murder them? How can America’s racist criminal justice system expect to remain credible when it allows so-called “peace officers” to commit brazenly bigoted brutal acts of murder?

An example must be made of these officers. Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison has now taken over the case. He must vigorously prosecute, and secure a conviction, against these murderers. They must all be given the maximum sentences.

Yesterday, the Pinocchio president gave another idiotic speech where he declared he was a “law and order” president. Yet, this bigoted buffoon says nothing about racist policing. Of course, he also called neo-Nazis “very fine people.”

In 2017, this charlatan told police officers on Long Island, New York, “Please don’t be too nice” to arrested suspects. Moreover, measures like the consent decrees President Barack Obama, and former Attorney General Eric Holder secured to hold particularly bad police departments accountable were thrown in the trash by Trump and his first Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

Trumpian Republicans are being unmasked for their staggering level of deceit. For decades, they have given us hollow rhetoric about the “rule of law.” If they really believed in the “rule of law,” they would be at the head of the line denouncing police violence and calling for justice. If the police are allowed to violate the law how can they have the gall to give us lectures about obeying the law?

The Democrats are sometimes worse frauds than Republicans. They claim to be our friends, beg us for our votes, and financial support, and have delivered very little to Black America. Democrats are now trying to secure our votes for the 2020 Presidential election. We must let them know the time has finally come for them to really represent the interests of Black America.

Rapper Killer Mike and George Floyd’s brother, Terrence, issued a vitally important piece of advice to protesters: vote in November and send a clear message that the racist police violence that murdered George Floyd must finally end.

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