Happy Mother's Day and prayers for those who lost children to Gun Violence

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Jumaane Williams with his mother Patricia

I'd like to wish mothers everywhere a happy Mother's Day.
For generations mothers have selflessly supported their children and families. From childhood to adulthood, our mothers protect us, nurture our dreams and encourage us to reach our fullest potential.
I am reminded of my own mother, Patricia Williams, who has always been my biggest advocate and greatest supporter. As I am recovering from two operations, she has been by my side tirelessly ensuring my comfort and well-being.
My thoughts are also with the thousands of mothers who have lost children to senseless acts of gun violence or in mass shootings like the one that occurred at Sandy Hook Elementary School in 2012.
I am comforted however that these victims are one step closer to vindication, with the recent court decision to allow Sandy Hook mothers and fathers to sue the manufacturers of the guns used to take the lives of their children.
No mother should have to bury her child. I know today is particularly hard for those mothers affected by the gun violence pandemic that plagues our country.
With National Gun Violence Awareness Month on the horizon, let us be inspired by the pain of grieving mothers to take action against shootings, and commit to a safer New York City and country.

Council Member Jumaane D. Williams (D-Brooklyn), Deputy Leader, represents the 45th Council District in Brooklyn.

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