Hogwash: DOJ Report on Baltimore Police

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Loretta Lynch--Attorney General

This report about the Baltimore police department by Loretta Lynch's DOJ isn't even a slap on the wrist. It is being called a "moral indictment" against the local authorities but what is needed is a federal indictment against the murderous officers who are continually being exonerated by state courts.
This criticism of Baltimore is true of almost every police department in the United States so really this is an empty gesture which the government would like the people to accept as something with teeth and meaning.

Since at least the Rodney King rebellion and social unrest in 1992 the courts have conspired with local police departments to change venues or remove prosecutors who might really attempt to convict police of misconduct when they knew that such trickery could result in furious reactions on the streets.

The people don't need for the government to mildly criticize organized abuse of poor communities.

If what is wanted is law and order then they must rigorously enforce the law and stop trying to deceive the public.

Many of us may be afraid and stupid but many are out demonstrating.

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