Jayland Walker Was Executed By Murderous Cops Who Used Him As Target Practice

The trigger-happy police execution murder of Jayland Walker on the streets of Akron, Ohio
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The trigger-happy police execution murder of Jayland Walker on the streets of Akron, Ohio is the latest case of criminal cops conducting a death sentence upon an unarmed Black man.

Blacks being murdered by police continues to be the order of the day in America.

These mostly white cops used Walker as target practice shooting his body full of bullets—upwards of 60 shots. The badged murderers fired 90 or more shots at this Black man who was fleeing away from them.

When the autopsy results are revealed does anyone think we won't find that they shot him multiple times in the back?

The police spokespersons are now doing what they always do after killing Black people: they are lying their asses off. The Blue wall of silence inside the Akron Police Department is now framing the narrative and evidence to justify Walker’s murder by the bloody hands of their officers.

These police tell us Walker fled from them after they tried to stop him for a broken taillight and license plate bulb. They claim during an ensuing car chase that they believe Walker fired shots at police. Their spin is that a flash in a police video suggests this.

At a press conference, Akron Police Chief Steve Mylett said these officers first tried to taser Walker when he first exited his car after the chase. The police are often their own worse character witnesses.

We're really to believe these white cops tried to first taser a Black man they believed just fired gunshots at them only moments before?

It has been over a week since these Akron killer-cops murdered Jayland Walker. Yet, none of these eight law enforcement officers has stepped forward to give the public a statement regarding why they opened fire on this young Black man. Their refusal to do so should be taken as an admission of their guilt.

Think about this: when police are interrogating a suspect who decides to “lawyer up” that is usually taken by them to mean the interrogee is withholding evidence, at the very least.

Yet, when police kill Black people we get silence from these law enforcement officials—who then also expect us to trust their tall tales. Why would police stay silent after taking the lives of citizens if they believe their actions are legally justifiable? Obviously, what is going on here is that police remain silent so they can rehearse the story they best believe will exonerate them from their crimes against Blacks.

Chief Mylett was quick to talk about the gun that was recovered from Walker’s car—while admitting he did not have that weapon when he was gunned down. So why mention the gun if not to insinuate criminality into the minds of biased white people?

Hypocritically, many of our white Second Amendment zealots believe only whites have legal guns. Walker had a legal gun and Ohio is an “open carry” state, which has a “permitless carry” law that when into effect on June 13.

Lately, in mainstream media, many are now lamenting America's gun violence epidemic--which is now a national security crisis. However, these commentators often act as if the police killings of Black folks are somehow disconnected from the nation's gun crazy reality.

Have they forgotten that police routinely gun down unarmed Black Americans? For many Black people, the white gunmen who usually commit mass shootings don't seem all that different from the white cops who brutalize and kill us.

The germane difference is that one group has the protection, and blessing, of the state in perpetrating their violence on Black bodies. When it comes to the gun violence police inflict on Blacks, we see the hypocrisy that plays out among politicians across the political spectrum.

It goes without saying that Republicans don't give a damn about even pretending to care about Black lives. These supposedly "pro-life" Republicans used a Black skin Judas to torpedo the George Floyd policing act. Did you ever hear any Republican give a really impassioned speech about trying to figure out why so many Black people regularly die at the hands of police?

During the George Floyd protests, many Americans made it plain the moment for changes in policing was now. Democrats were told American policing needed to be restructured. Protesters called for reallocating money from police budgets to fund essential crime-prevention programs that would make a positive impact in the lives of people.

But many careerist Democrats were cowered by the deceitful discussion regarding the "defund the police" slogan. Some Democrats themselves engaged in superficial nonsensical talk—while ignoring the calls for a reimagining of police.

Consequently, many Democrats pushed to increase bloated police budgets. This includes President Joe Biden.

Of course, many are using the current crime surge as an excuse to continue to do this. But few address the long-standing systemic economic inequalities (which are still being aggravated by the COVID crisis) that lie at the heart of America’s crime problem.

In 2020, we say national, and international, protests and calls for changing racist policing in America. Yet, here we are, in 2022, and the continued killings of Black people in America by police rages on.

What are we Black Americans willing to do next to fight the genocidal deaths of our people by American policing? The murder of Jayland Walker tells us we are still a long way from eradicating racist murderous police violence against us.

In 1999, Amadou Diallo, 23, (above) was shot down dead by NYPD officers near the vestibule of his Bronx home in a hail of 41 shots. Diallo was hit with 19 of those shots.

In 2006, 23-year-old Sean Bell (in a case I covered for the Black Star News) was executed in a fusillade of 50 shots—on the day that was to be his wedding day. He left behind two daughters.

Sean Bell

Now, in 2022, we have Jayland Walker being shot dead, with 60 shots penetrating his body—and police firing at him at least 90 times.

In the post-George Floyd America, after the conviction of Floyd’s executioner officer Derek Chauvin; and that of Kimberly Potter for Daunte Wright’s murder; some hailed those convictions as a turning point in administering justice and accountability against police officers who victimize Black Americans.

But the Jayland Walker murder case reminds us that American policing is still terrorizing and killing Black people at will in America.

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