Kyle Rittenhouse Trial Was Over Before It Even Started

Rittenhouse, will be free because many white people want him to be free. Rittenhouse reminds them of their sons, grandsons, etc.
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The Kyle Rittenhouse murder trial farce is about to end with his acquittal–a forgone conclusion that was predestined before anyone took the witness stand.

In America, justice isn’t blind (particularly, color-blind) at all. We’re getting a reminder of that here.

For if Rittenhouse was a underage teenage Black boy, who killed two people, with an illegal gun, in a state where he doesn’t live, does anyone think he would be going home next week free and clear, assuming he wasn’t killed by police on that fateful August night in Kenosha?

If Rittenhouse was Black, do you think we would be hearing the sympathetic bull we’ve been hearing, by legal pundits and the like, particularly after Rittenhouse was crying his crocodile “white tears,” as D.L. Hughley put it?

Many of these television folk have so much sympathy for poor Kyle, but none for Joseph Rosenbaum or Anthony Huber, killed by his hands, with his illegal gun. Nor, do they have it for his third victim EMT worker Gaige Grosskreutz. Why have sympathy for them when they are out with people protesting the police back-shooting of Jacob Blake?

This is the hypocritically unjust America we’re living in.

In fact, we saw what Dr. Cornel West calls the “niggerization” and criminalization of these white victims of Rittenhouse. For example, we saw Grosskreutz being smeared by these legal pundits because he had a handgun. But these same people gloss over this white juvenile delinquent’s actions, in illegally bringing his assault-rifle to Kenosha from Illinois.

Many of these legal expert liars, on television, are blaming the prosecutor for the judicial debacle we witnessed this week. But when Kyle Rittenhouse walks free next week it won’t be because of the prosecutor.

The primary reason Rittenhouse will walk free is because Judge Bruce Schroeder sandbagged the prosecution by his clear biased impartially–and the not so subtle signals he has been sending to this white jury.

At the beginning of this trial, Judge Schroeder said the two dead victims, and one living one, couldn’t be called victims because it was “a loaded word.” At the same time, he ruled they could be called “arsonists,” “looters,” or “rioters.” This is supposed to be fair and even-handed?

If that wasn’t bad enough, this week Schroeder exploded in rage and lambasted Assistant district attorney Thomas Binger, for attempting to introduce evidence from a video the judge previously ruled as inadmissible, where Rittenhouse was talking about shooting unarmed protesters.

Interestingly, while Schroeder chastised Binger for stepping over the line he did so as well by: hinting he was open to considering a mistrial. Then, after the lunch break, defense lawyers followed the judge’s lead and introduced a mistrial motion.

Schroeder said he would take the motion under advisement. Of course, this judge has likely made the calculation that the pending jury acquittal will shield him from further scrutiny.

At one point, when Binger was trying to explain his actions, Schroeder called him a liar. But Judge Schroeder, from the bench, lied the very next day, when Biger exposed his bias in allowing the defense to delve in something he also ruled against.

This judge claimed his outburst the day before was only about Binger injecting Rittenhouse’s post-arrest silence. That is a bald-faced lie.

Schroeder did indeed go into a tangent about that. But it was Binger’s attempt to introduce evidence from a video where Rittenhouse said, “Bro, I wish I had my fucking AR. I'd start shooting rounds at them” (the them being unarmed protesters at a CVS store) that led to Judge Schroeder’s outburst.

But instead of admitting his biased inconsistency Judge Schroeder lied. And, he lied from the bench.

This judge has behaved as if he never heard the term “judicial temperament.”

The judge’s bullying bad behavior on the bench incense many concerned citizens who sent him reams of e-mails, rightfully, denouncing him out. This upset many legal pundits, including one particular Court TV anchor, who talked about the fact that many judges would’ve ruled likewise, to not call these victims victims, because of concerns about “prejudicing” the case.

According to this Court TV anchor, people who are angry with the judge are just “uninformed.” I guess this former prosecutor thinks because people don’t have law degrees on their walls they are too dumb to know fundamental unfairness when they see it.

The important question here is this: if using the word victim is too “loaded” a term to use, why isn’t “looters”, “rioters” and “arsonists” loaded as well? If this judge really cared about fairness, and didn’t want to prejudice the case, he should have disallowed these terms as well.

Moreover, the judge said nothing when a right-wing journalist repeatedly used the terms Antifa, BLM, rioters, etc, to generalize everyone who was on the streets that night in Kenosha. Apparently, it isn’t too loaded, or prejudicial, to allow the labeling of the vast majority of peaceful protesters as lawbreakers.

It has been quite interesting to hear the silly excuses many are using to defend this despicable judge. The fawning fans of Judge Schoeder want us to know what a great legal mind he has. So, we should be impressed by his legal scholarship and look past his obvious partiality and condone his ill-tempered manner, while he is supposedly rendering justice?

The judge clearly got the message from the angry e-mails he got. His conduct has been more circumspect since. He has been judged, and found wanting, by those who chastised him in the emails.

Unfortunately, the lawbreaking white juvenile, Rittenhouse, will be free because many white people, like Judge Schroeder, want him to be free. Rittenhouse reminds them of their sons, grandsons, etc. No Black teenage boy could ever get away with what he is about to get away with in this America.

Now, many have criticized prosecutor Binger and are hinting that he blew this case. But Binger exposed Rittenhouse on several counts as a serial liar and law-breaker. Sadly, much of it has been lost because Judge Schroeder has heavy-handedly injected himself into the proceedings and is running interference for the defense.

Binger was able to extract the fact that this then 17-year-old besides illegally having an AR-15 assault rifle, routinely drove without a driver’s license. Rittenhouse also testified he is a nursing student at Arizona State University. The university says this is a lie.

When Binger asked him why he stayed out past curfew, in another state, Rittenhouse’s response was that well other people were doing it too. When Binger asked him why he bought the AR-15 rifle to begin with his eventual response was because it “looked cool,”  because he didn't want to admit he bought it because of its lethality.

There is another thing we must talk about here: Rittenhouse’s clueless mom who went on Fox News to plead her case.

Kyle Rittenhouse’s murderous action should also be placed at her feet. What kind of parent knowingly allows their underage child to illegally buy and bring an assault weapon into the house–then carry it to another state; stay out past curfew; during protests with said weapon; where he then takes two people’s lives?

Instead of blaming other people for her son’s murderous actions she should take a long look at herself in the mirror.

Still, she has nothing to worry about. Her trigger-happy, gun-happy, son will not be held accountable for killing two people. To use the words, from the t-shirt Kyle Rittenhouse was seen wearing, after he killed Joseph Rosenbaum and Anthony Huber,  he’ll soon be “free as fuck.”

Judge Bruce Schroeder made sure of that.

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