Las Vegas Massacre -- Yet NRA Still Opposes Gun Safety Measures

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Jumaane Williams. Photo: NY1News screenshot


We awoke this morning to news that over fifty Americans souls were murdered, and over five hundred have been injured. I offer my prayers for peace and comfort to the families of those who have been killed, and for those fighting for their lives, that they may make full recoveries. I thank the first responders and medical staffs who have worked to prevent further loss of life.

Right now, such prayers are needed, and mine join a chorus across the nation; and when we offer our support to the victims and their families, when we as a nation come together to support those affected, we must also take meaningful action to prevent further violence, to protect the would-be victims of future violent acts. The NRA and other conservative leaders continue to oppose basic gun safety laws, in contrast to their own members and the majority of Americans who support such measures. If faith, without works, is dead, their prayers are in bad faith; meaningless.

Our nation's gun crisis is a daily mass casualty event. Guns in the wrong hands are instruments of terror. Thirty-three thousand people are killed by guns in America per year. There have been 273 shootings of more than four people this year, in the 275 days that have passed so far. That this is our normal state in America is something I cannot, will not, and we must not, accept.

Each time we try to take action, we are told that now is not the time, often out of a perceived lack of respect for the victims. I look on the faces of those victims and of their families, and it s out of respect and profound empathy for them that I know we must create change, and must overcome the obstacles that prevent some from joining the cause.

If common sense cannot prevail, I have to believe that at some point  human decency must.


Jumaane D. Williams (D-Brooklyn) is a Member of the New York City Council


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