Let's Not Forget Jordan Davis; Murdered By Michael Dunn As Callously As George Zimmerman Killed Trayvon Martin

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Michael Dunn fired nine rounds into Jordan Davis' car because he didn't like the music


Both Trayvon Martin and Jordan Davis were 17 year old Black unarmed teenagers, shot to death by two White adult males.

The adults who shot them claimed they feared for their lives and either implied or used the Stand Your Ground law as a defense for killing the teenagers. Both teenagers lived in the state of Florida.

Here are the facts of the Trayvon Martin Case: Trayvon was a 17 year Black boy who was from Miami Gardens, Florida. He was fatally shot by George Zimmerman, a so-called neighborhood watch volunteer in Sanford, Florida. Trayvon was visiting his father in Twin lakes in a Sanford community. Trayvon went to a convenience store and purchased tea and skittles.  Moments later while Trayvon was on his way home he was approached by George Zimmerman. He ended up shot and killed in cold blood.

Last year the public was inundated with media coverage during the trial of George Zimmerman. We were either watching the trial everyday on a television news network, including CNN, reading about it in the newspapers or listening to citizens talk about it on the streets.

Some of us were outside the courthouse protesting and demanding justice for Trayvon. Some of us were in the courthouse sitting on pins and needles awaiting the outcome.  I was doing both, protesting justice for Trayvon on the outside of the Courthouse and sitting silently in the courtroom praying for justice.

George Zimmerman was acquitted of second degree murder and of manslaughter and he has been making a mockery of the justice system since his release with his numerous gun incidents and run-ins with the law.

Here are the facts of the Jordan Davis Case: On November 23, 2012 Michael Dunn murdered unarmed 17 year old teenager Jordan Davis in Jacksonville, Florida an hour-and-half away from Sanford, Florida. Dunn, 45, pulled into a convenience store and parked beside a sports utility occupied by four teenagers, including Davis.

Dunn allegedly asked the young men to turn down the music in their car. Dunn and Davis exchanged words and Dunn claimed he feared his life was in danger because he thought the young teenager had a gun. Dunn shot in the SUV, nine times, hitting Davis who was in the back seat, several times. Davis died shortly thereafter.

The was no gun found in the vehicle Davis was riding in. Unlike Trayvon Martin’s case, there were several people who witnessed the shooting and there was no scuffle. As a matter of fact young Davis didn’t exit the vehicle he was riding in. He never approached Dunn. Dunn and his fiancé left the scene without trying to figure out if anyone was shot.

Dunn was charged with First Degree Murder as well as three counts of Attempted First Degree Murder. The jury can also consider the lesser charges of Second Degree Murder/Attempted Murder and Attempted/Manslaughter by Act.

Even though Dunn's trial for the murder of Jordan Davis is not garnishing the attention as Trayvon’s case, this does not diminish the fact that we have another unarmed teenager gunned down. Two families are hurting because of the loss of a son. 

Florida must look to make changes to their Stand Your Ground Law. We can’t continue to sit and watch our teenager’s get gunned down in the streets and nothing is done. 

Currently, a verdict watch is going on in Dunn’s trial as the case is now in the hands of the jury.

Will justice be done or will we see another miscarriage?


Garry L. Jones is a retired Lt., Federal Bureau of Prisons 

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