Message To Killer Cop Chauvin’s Lawyer Eric Nelson: Murder Is Not Cure For Drug Addiction

Eric Nelson
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Killer cop Chauvin's lawyer Eric Nelson. Screenshot: CNN.

This morning in the trial of killer cop Derek Chauvin, his attorney Eric Nelson continued with his strategy of negrofication of George Floyd. The prosecution’s witness Courteney Batwa Ross, Floyd’s former girlfriend, conceded that the two of them struggled with drug addition since they met in 2017. Floyd was addicted to opioids and heroin.

Nelson’s client killer cop Chauvin claims it was the drugs in his system that killed Floyd, not the knees he pressed on his neck for nine minutes and 29 seconds even as he cried for his life and repeatedly said “I can’t breathe.”

Ross recalled that her boyfriend Floyd was a “mama’s boy” and loved his mother. She spoke about how Floyd liked working out and playing football. She recalled his love for his two daughters. Nelson, the killer cop’s lawyer, asked questions about whom Ross and Floyd purchased their drugs from. 

This trial is about the murder of George Floyd by Nelson’s client, killer cop Chauvin. Yes, Floyd struggled with addiction for years but he didn’t die. George Floyd was alive on May 25, 2020 until Derek Chauvin placed his knee on an already handcuffed Floyd’s neck for nine minutes and 24 seconds while the victim was pressed on the ground on his stomach. 

Is Nelson arguing that murder is a cure for drug addiction? Is that his proposed solution for the tens of millions of opioids addict in the U.S., the vast majority of whom are European Americans? 

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