Michael Brown Could Have Survived Four Of Six Shots -- Bullet At Apex Of Head Killed Him

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Dr. Baden shown during news conference

[The Michael Brown Killing]

Michael Brown could have survived four of the possibly six shots that hit him from Officer Darren Wilson's gun according to the forensic pathologists who performed an autopsy at the request of the family and spoke at a news conference where a family lawyer called for the officer's arrest.

Brown was shot and killed on August 9 when Officer Wilson approached the teenager who was walking with a friend and ordered them to "get the fuck" on a sidewalk, according to Brown's friend.

The two shots to Brown's head were possibly the last two shots to strike him, according to Prof. Shawn Parcells who performed the autopsy with the renowned forensic pathologist Dr. Michael Baden, who has been performing autopies for about 50 years and worked as Medical Examiner in New York for 25 years.

A shot into the top of the head traveled and exited from the lower jaw indicating that Brown was falling forward with his head pointing towards where the bullets from Wilson's gun were coming from, the pathologists said, at a press conference in St. Louis, MO., this morning.

Benjamin Crump, the lead attorney representing the Brown family referred to Brown's killing as an "execution" and said "Why should he be shot in the top of his head?" Crump added, referring to Wilson: "Those things alone are ample evidence for this officer to be arrested."

Daryl Parks, who is Crump's partner and also working on the case called the shot to the apex of the head the "kill shot."

According to the forensic pathologists Brown was shot "at least six times"; they added that some of the wounds could be re-entry wounds.

Baden said the autopsy indicates that Brown was shot at a considerable distance from Wilson.

The forensic pathologists said more information could become available once he and Parcells gain access to X-rays and photographs taken of Brown, and clothing he was wearing.

Dr. Baden also asked for medical information about Wilson who Ferguson's Police Chief Tom Jackson claimed had been "assaulted" by  Brown. He said the autopsy did not show that Brown had been involved in a struggle with Officer Wilson.

The authorities in St. Louis and Ferguson have yet to release the official autopsy report. 

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