My View: A Million Harlmess Men

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I disagree with the position taken by Fred Monderson in "Genius Of Farrakhan: Reflections On Million Man March Year 20 And Leveraging Black Dollars."

The genius of Farrakhan is his ability to make a million oppressed people think they are marching on the seat of power of the American empire.

They were armed with nothing but cellphone cameras and somehow the government will start to do the right thing because they showed up in the city! Farrakhan's ego is satisfied and maybe he´ll go down in the Guiness book of records for assembling crowds.

Whites and eveybody else in the power structure must be either howling in laughter or shaking their heads marveling at how modern man in a modern country can be so easily led about like children without their realizing what´s going on. 

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