On Racism: Baldwin Would return to Paris or move to Ghana

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Re "What would Baldwin do?" with race matters, Prof. Gloria Browne-Marshall after offering a cogent history of racism asks that the people of the U.S. choose humanity over power.

However, if we take a look around us we see two megalomaniac presidential contenders leading the pack.

This country made its decision a long long time ago. Even the current president who many see as proof of positive change has definitely taken the side of the poweful intelligence agencies, the banks and the various armed forces.

Humanity does get a little lip service and is then forgotten. The American government consistently chooses power over humans.

The drone wars against whoever happens to be visible, te bailout of the fraudulent banks, the total lack of accounting at the Pentagon for all the money Congress gives them all adds up to a brutal quest for power over the whole world.

So what would Mr. James Baldwin do? He might go back to France or follow W.E.B. DuBois to Ghana but he would not insist that America changes by itself out of good will toward mankind.

Nothing indicates we are headed in that direction.

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