Only Justice Sotomayor Willing To Protect Civilians From Police Brutality

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With respect to incidents of Police Brutality across the country -- with the exception of Justice Sonia Sotomayor the U.S. Supreme Court has decided that police are above the law and that's that.

All cases concerning police terror are closed even before they are opened. Now it becomes clear where the impunity comes from that police obviously enjoy.  It's not  a case of "bad apples" but a diseased apple tree from which these fruit fall.

When coroners, prosecutors and judges collaborate to absolve police terror there is no possibility of redress or justice. What can the people do when faced with uniformed people who can kill with impunity supported by civil servants who not only refuse to do their jobs, but actively participate in the crimes after the fact?

No wonder we lost Sandra Bland, Tamir Rice and hundreds of others. The fix is in against those deliberately targeted by local government agents. Will the public dare to question and hold judges responsible for this decision?

But then again maybe the judges didn't make this ridiculous decision; maybe it was made for them.

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