Poisoned Legacy: George Bush, Dick Cheney, And The Tragedy Of Iraq

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Bush and Cheney -- architects of disaster that still haunts U.S.

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As Iraq continues to burn amid the raising body count, more and more regular Americans must seriously begin to question the wisdom of Washington’s warmongering lawmakers—and those who always seem hell-bent on involving the country in another war.

Given the lessons the U.S. should’ve learned about war—especially, in light of the decade of disaster that just ended—shouldn’t the recommendations of politicians  who cavalierly choose war as the first option to every problem be scrutinized much more closely now?

On Tuesday, a constitutional deadline, to name a new parliament speaker in Iraq, ended in failure, when Sunni and Kurdish lawmakers walked out of the assembly dashing hopes for the quick creation of a new government. While this was occurring, the leader of the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham (ISIS), Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, called on Muslims worldwide to join the fight in Iraq and Syria.

Secretary of State John Kerry visited Iraq last week where the bloodletting has escalated drastically in recent months amid the upward spike in sectarian violence which is resulting in more deaths, especially among the Shite and Sunni groups. Sunnis are said to have been marginalized by the Nouri al-Maliki government. “The future of Iraq depends on the decisions made in the next few days and weeks,” Kerry said after talks with Maliki. “Our support will be intense, sustained.”

He also stated that President Obama had prepared “a range of options for Iraq.”

Mr. Kerry requested the embattled prime minister al-Maliki form a “broad-based inclusive government" which would include both Shia and Sunni Iraqis, some of whom are apparently members of ISIS, which is trying to topple the Maliki government.

Maliki rejected this request saying it would represent a “coup against the constitution and an attempt to end the democratic experience.”

Some are calling for the prime minister to step down. Maliki had agreed to a July 1 deadline to form a new government—which was reportedly a requirement the Obama Administration demanded for U.S. assistance. But Tuesday’s fiasco has dampened the prospects.

Mr. Maliki now seems to be very desperate for aid and is apparently also turning to Iran, Russia and Syria for extra military help to beat back the armed insurgents taking over the country.

Coinciding with Secretary Kerry's visit was the arrival of approximately 90 military personnel. The Obama White House and the Pentagon is sending some 500 military advisors to assess the situation on the ground and assist the failing Iraqi security forces.

In recent weeks, ISIS forces have seized major areas from Iraq's army and is said to be steadily advancing to Baghdad. ISIS has already taken over major cities like Mosul—Iraq’s second largest city—and has control of some 70 percent of Anbar province.

On his way to Iraq, Mr. Kerry stopped to visit the Kurdish President Massoud Barzani. The Kurdish leader pointed out that the current crisis has his people thinking that the time is right to create an independent state separate from Iraq for Iraqi Kurds. This position is not endorsed by Mr. Kerry.

“We did not cause the collapse of Iraq. It is others who did and we cannot remain hostages for the unknown,” President Barzani said. “The time is here for the Kurdistan people to determine their future and the decision of the people is what we are going to uphold.”

Earlier last week, President Barzani’s stated: “We are facing a new reality and a new Iraq.” In a CNN interview, with Christiane Amanpour, Mr. Barzani said “Iraq is obviously falling apart. And it’s obvious that the federal or central government has lost control over everything. Everything is collapsing—the army, the troops the police.”

The destruction and death, now plaguing Iraq, is a direct result of the imperialistic intervention that was ushered in by the George Bush White house. Through unbridled greed and arrogant hubris the Bush White House oil cartel pressed on—with the horror of 9-11 imprinted in the minds of scared and vengeful Americans—with their plans to invade Iraq and remove Saddam Hussein.

The conniving, criminal cabal within this administration insinuated Hussein must be removed because he, supposedly, represented a “clear and present danger” to America—and these architects of war shamelessly blurred the lines between the dictatorial Iraqi leader and Al-Qaeda terrorists. The Bush gang claimed Hussein had Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMDs).

Many Americans, thinking Mr. Hussein was in bed with Al-Qaeda, gave their blessings to this disastrous invasion and occupation. “Shock and awe” was unleashed upon the nation of Iraq.

And now, we see that that the shockingly awful decision is still causing misery, mayhem and murder on a massive scale in Iraq. Many of the architects of this military misadventure are now silent somewhere. But some are back and being asked for their expert advice on Iraq. 

Others just can’t shut their lying lips.

Consider Dick Cheney, our former vice-president. Recently, this man had the temerity to blame President Obama for the carnage and chaos in Iraq. Some people have no conscience or shame.

Gallingly, he said that “Rarely has a U.S. president been so wrong about so much at the expense of so many.” Huh? Talk about chutzpah.

This comment is more that ironic coming from Cheney. We should ask what was the vice-president right about on the Iraq war? Was he right when he said we would be greeted as “liberators?” Or when he said everything would be over in a matter of months? How about the assessment that Iraqi oil would pay for rebuilding Iraq?

The truth is Mr. Cheney is more responsible than anyone for the disastrous intervention in Iraq. As the seasoned political veteran in the Bush Administration—including having worked as President Gerald Ford’s Chief of Staff. President George W. Bush no doubt put maximum weight in the words of Mr. Cheney. That misplaced trust is likely the reason the relationship between the two men has reportedly chilled considerably.

History is already listing President George W. Bush as one of the worst presidents ever. And, more than anything else, Bush’s presidency will be defined by the war in Iraq—and all the blood and treasure sacrificed in this imperial intervention. As the president, Mr. Bush will be blamed for eons to come for this.

But as arguably the most powerful and influential vice-president in American history, Cheney should be regarded as a primary driving force behind bringing death and destruction to Iraq. His hands has the blood of a multitude of Iraqis, and American soldiers, on them. For all the “fighting terrorism” talk, this war was one of imperial interests—primarily oil.Mr. Cheney and others are now arguing for another excursion into Iraq. President Obama is wisely reticent in becoming belligerently involved in the manner which Cheney and other Republicans want. For far too many in Washington, war seems to be their answer for everything. Then again, war—not peace—is very profitable for some.

The fact is: this past decade of death and destructions in the war “theater” of Iraq has increased—not decreased—terrorism. Regardless of how despicable Saddam Hussein was, there were no terrorists in Iraq before Cheney and his cowboy gang launched “shock and awe.” Now, Iraq seems to be the new promised land for terrorists.

The current carnage and chaos in Iraq are an awful lesson of the folly of Washington’s foolhardy foreign policy-and those who are essential in launching these human travesties.

It is also a chilling reminder of the farewell warning President Dwight Eisenhower issued to Americans about the dangers of an out-of-control military-industrial complex that put profits before people.



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