Pope Francis Was Bold And Courageous On Immigration -- Councilmember Williams

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Regardless of one's religious beliefs, it's hard to deny that this is a truly historic moment for our city. 
I was touched to hear Pope Francis advocate for immigration reform yesterday in Washington, D.C. - and among many things - that our elected officials should always remember the golden rule. In less than 24 hours since landing in New York, the Holy Father's compassionate message of peace, love, and tolerance has already touched countless New Yorkers. 
While here, it's my hope he further address some of our city's most pressing issues, including the need to combat gun violence through real, concerted efforts and holistic means. There's no question that shootings have become one of the most challenging pandemics of our time, which I addressed in a letter to Cardinal Dolan earlier this week, but with the Catholic Church's help and blessing, we can improve the pace at which we move towards a safer society.
Our city observed two holy days this week in the Jewish and Muslim faiths. The Pope's visit brings full circle a focus on the spirituality of all New Yorkers and the work we have ahead to move our society forward for the benefit of all human beings. Irrespective of one's personal creed, this week reminds us to appreciate our rights and cultural diversity. 
My prayers and blessings are with the Pope during his American tour, and with every New Yorker during this truly exciting time.
Williams represents the 45th Council District in Brooklyn in the New York City Council

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