Racist Mind-set Convicted Trayvon: He Failed To Prove He Had A Right To Exist

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[Beneath The Spin]

Zimmerman Supporters are insisting that anyone who points out racism as a component of the Zimmerman verdict is a race-baiter, while at the same time suggesting that we accept out of hand that because Trayvon was a young Black male, Zimmerman was justified in his assumption that he constituted a threat to the community.

How is that not racism?

More evidence of a racist mind-set is the fact that most Zimmerman supporters are blindly accepting the killer's version of events. A killer, I might add, who has been caught in several inconsistencies, and refused to explain how he got to his gun under the scenario that he described.

How do they justify that?

If a guy is arrested for shooting someone in an alley, would they blindly accept the murderer’s word that the victim attacked him? If so, what's to prevent every murderer from claiming that he was being attacked?

Thus, if every murderer was treated with the same level of deference that George Zimmerman was treated, the only way to convict anyone of murder would be with an independent eye witness.

We have no evidence whatsoever to suggest that Trayvon did any of the things that Zimmerman claimed. Yet, Zimmerman supporters are claiming that we have to prove Zimmerman guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. Well, it had been proven beyond a reasonable doubt that Zimmerman initiated a chain of events that ended in the death of an innocent kid. Thus, the murder had been proven, so it was up to Zimmerman to prove that there were mitigating circumstances that made the murder of an unarmed child justified.

In addition, even if Trayvon did get into an altercation with Zimmerman, didn’t Trayvon have a right to defend himself against a man who:  1) stalked him, 2) weighed 40 pounds more than he did, 3) unjustifiably approached him at night, 4) didn’t identify himself; and 5). didn’t have any visible sign of authority?All of those factors made Zimmerman’s claim of self-defense ridiculously flawed.

But in spite of all that, instead of holding Zimmerman accountable for his reckless behavior, they convicted Trayvon - who was guilty of nothing more criminal than going to the store for candy and a soda- of not being able to prove he had a right to live.

How is that not racism?Eric L. Wattree



Citizens Against Reckless Middle-Class Abuse (CARMA)



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