Racist NYPD Cop Gregory Gordon Highlights Corrupt Culture of America’'s Police

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The Daily News' front page Gordon story

[Speaking Truth To Power]

New York Police Department (NYPD) Officer Gregory Gordon is currently under “investigation” for his offensively bigoted Facebook posts—including his reference to New York City’s First Lady Chirlane McCray as a “former crack-addict,” while also telling African-Americans they should “stop acting like anyone owes you anything” for Slavery.

It seems this ill-informed cop is the one who's unaware slavery has ended. However, a more important question right now—in light of evidence reported on by the New York Daily News—is: did Officer Gordon have a justified reason to shoot a Black man named Michael Walker in Staten Island during an encounter there in 2013? Evidence suggests he should be brought up on criminal charges. Officer Gordon’s racist Facebook comments are now supposedly under serious scrutiny. The crass comments of this cop are damning not just to himself but to the NYPD, where he was given awards for his shooting of Walker.

The alarming thought process Gordon exhibits on his Facebook page is very similar to those texts we witnessed coming out of police departments in California where cops cavalierly slandered Black people including President Obama. In addition to calling Mayor Bill de Blasio’s wife, First Lady Chirlane McCray, a “former crack-addict” Gordon said African-Americans complain too much about Slavery and should “Stop acting like anyone owes you anything. Slavery ended 149 years ago.”

To Gordon slavery was apparently summer camp which is dismissed with everyone going their way.

In another post, Officer Gordon was apparently so mad at Commissioner Bratton for declining a request from Donald Trump to speak to police that he said “"If this is true, Bratts can take our medals and shove them up his a$$.”" Apparently, Gordon is referring here to the Staten Island Policeman of the Year Award he won in 2014 for shooting robbery suspect Walker.

Walker, reportedly an armed robbery suspect, supposedly pointed a gun at Officer Gordon and his partner before Gordon shot Walker in the chest. But, as we’'ve seen in so many stories over the last couple of years, police officers are not always truthful—and the Blue Wall encourages a corrupt cop culture where lying becomes standard operating procedure.

According to the New York Daily News, the medical discharge report from Richmond University Medical Center, where Walker was treated, said he suffered “a gunshot wound to the upper back.” This differs from the NYPD claim that Walker was shot in the chest.

Isn'’t this yet another case of police shooting Black people, in the back, as they run away? Is being shot in the back part of the punishment Black people face for running away from cops—as we saw in the Walter Scott case in South Carolina? Is this why Chicago Police shot and killed unarmed 18-year-old Paul O’Neal as he ran away?

The NYPD said a gun was recovered near Walker’s body where he lay wounded, implying he had indeed attempted to shoot these officers. However, it came out in criminal trial, against Walker, that he had no gun on his person when he was shot by Officer Gordon—a conclusion that was agreed to by Supreme Court Judge Stephen Rooney.

Officer Gordon is truly the kind of disgustingly disrespectful—not to mention dangerous—cop we get when there is no real accountability or transparency in police culture. Is he really that different from some of those cops who turned their backs on New York City Mayor de Blasio? His comments against McCray has clear racist overtones.

Moreover, the fact that Officer Gordon posted the remarks on Facebook illustrates a blatantly brazen disregard for common decency. How does a disgrace like this become or remain a police officer? If Officer Gordon had no compunction in attacking the mayor's wife and Commissioner Bratton imagine what he’s doing or capable of while patrolling areas where he encounters Black people.

He reportedly characterized the public he’s supposed to be protecting as “sheep.” Officer Gordon has also been accused by Staten Island resident Marie Kiell, who said she was broadsided by him in March of 2007 —and that other officers on the scene helped cover-up for the then rookie cop. Kiell was pregnant at the time. According to Kiell, and several witnesses at the scene, Gordon showed no concern for the injured pregnant woman. Worst of all, Officer Gordon—who was apparently drunk—faced no criminal charges.

Unfortunately, engaging in criminal activity and facing no penalty is one of the perks police enjoy. Across America, we'’ve witnessed a steady stream of stories where police violate the rights of people and face no justice. Yet, police apologists and phony politicians who say nothing about changing corrupt cop culture have plenty of slanderous things to say about activists, like those in the Black Lives Matter Movement.

This week yet another damning Department of Justice report on police has been released. The latest report highlights the pervasive prejudice Baltimore Police have for its African-Americans residents; like Freddie Gray who was killed for running-while-Black from police. DOJ’s report of Baltimore Police is similar to their reports of police departments in Ferguson and in Cleveland.

The DOJ Baltimore report again makes it clear that institutional racism is running rampant in that city—just like in other cities with sizable populations of Black people. Unfortunately, some are pretending there is news here—or, that somehow this report is different from what is occurring in police departments throughout the nation. It isn'’t.

Do we need more of these reports to tell us racism is entrenched in America’s police forces? We sure don’t. Still, let’'s examine a couple of items from the report. According to an article entitled “Don’t Treat Criminals like Citizens” by Jeremy Bembry, on page 64 of the DOJ report, a lieutenant instructs a sergeant to "“lock up all the black hoodies.”" And on page 30 of that report, a sergeant told an officer to question several Black males and “to "make something up"” to justify an unconstitutional stop—with a DOJ official in the car. Also on page 30, a sergeant told officers before the start of a shift “"don'’t treat criminals like citizens.”"

Is there then any wonder why America’s police treat Black Americans with such utter contempt? Isn’'t this why Officer Gordon felt he could launch his verbal racial assault on the mayor's wife? Isn'’t this also why he had no pause in apparently shooting a fleeing Black suspect in the back? Officer Gordon may be forced out of the NYPD. However, it won’t be because he unlawfully shot a man in the back, or, because he verbally attacked McCray. If he get's pushed out it will be because of his attack on Commissioner Bratton.

The fact of the matter is: police policy-makers like Commissioner Bratton are primarily to blame for dangerous loose cannons like Officer Gordon. You can rest assured there are other outrageous incidents in this officer’s file. But charlatan cops like Gordon are protected by the Blue Wall— and the police brass. In fact, it is often officers like Gordon who are rewarded with promotions and medals -- like the one he received for shooting Mr. Walker in the back.

Are we to believe the NYPD didn’t know Walker wasn’'t shot in the chest? Officers are rarely if ever prosecuted by district attorneys for crimes such as shootings and extrajudicial killings of unarmed Black people. Prosecutorial authority in all such cases must be vested in special prosecutors, or attorneys general -- as New York did, giving the powers to Eric T. Schneiderman.

Black Americans must continue to fight for accountability and transparency. We must do so understanding that all police and politicians, including Black ones, must be pressured politically— and economically—to address our concerns.

We must force America’'s racist police establishment to respect Black lives.

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