Sentenced Over 25 Years Ago For Rape, Colorado Man Identified By Victim After Her 'Dream' Appeals -- New 'Confession'

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‘Bringing what was done in the dark into the light’

DENVER– A Colorado man who has spent more than a quarter-century in prison for a rape in which the victim claimed her attacker’s identity came to her “in a dream” is appealing his conviction based on new evidence.

Clarence Moses-EL is asking for a new trial that would include statements made over the past year by LC Jackson, the man the rape victim first named as the assailant in her 1987 attack in her home here. Jackson – who is serving what amounts to a life sentence for other rapes nearby five years later – wrote Moses-EL last year saying, “I really don’t know what to say to you.  But let’s start by bringing what was done in the dark into the light.  I have a lot on my heart.”

Jackson asked that Moses-EL send a lawyer to interview him. “I’ll be waiting,” he ended his letter.

In statements on three different occasions, Jackson since has admitted to having had rough sex and beaten the victim on the night – and at the time – of the attack for which Moses-EL was convicted and sentenced to 48 years.

“I wanted to tell Moses that this was my involvement with her, this is what happened between me and her that night… There are certain things that need to be cleaned up,” he told an investigator.

Mark Burton, Moses-EL’s lawyers, calls Jackson’s detailed statements about the night in question “an outright confession.”

“This is a case in which the only evidence was the victim’s dream. If this confession had been available at trial, there’s no question it would have resulted in an acquittal.”

The story of Moses-EL’s long quest to prove his innocence is a case study in negligence by the criminal justice system. It also shows the lengths prosecutors will go to defend their offices’ convictions despite new evidence casting doubts on whether justice has been served.

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