Support Quentin Tarantino Against Threats And Intimidation By Police Unions

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Quentin Tarantino


I stand firmly in support of Quentin for having the courage to stand with victims of unwarranted police violence at New York’s Rise Up October, an event to which TBI was an endorsing member. Quentin referred to the police killings of unarmed men like Eric Garner, Walter Scott and Freddie Gray as murder. Cambridge Dictionary defines murder as ‘the crime of intentionally killing a person.’ Quentin accurately identified the police killings of the unarmed men as murder.

Police unions in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and California have called for a boycott of Quentin’s next film production The Hateful Eight - a move directed at discouraging critics of police misconduct.

I commend Quentin for, effectively, declaring that Black Lives Matter and calling out police unions for this baseless attack. I also urge the media that have played a role in the evolution of this political witch-hunt to apologize to Quentin for the sensationalist reporting. This political lynching is being orchestrated by interests, whose strategy is to question the characters of critics rather than face facts. For TBI, it’s all hands on deck to watch The Hateful Eight during the Christmas holidays.”

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