The Cosby Affair: Is Smug The New Uppity?

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Columnist doesn't buy the line that the stories about the allegations against Cosby are a result of Burress's comments


Part One

People ask me what I as a psychiatrist think about Bill Cosby.

My answer is, “I think he is a great comedian, actor and philanthropist who has always kept his act clean.”

They then usually say, “No, no I mean what do you think about all these allegations?” I then answer, “Well, I wasn't there so I don't know what happened, but so far, in my opinion, the accusations against him have ranged from unprovable to ludicrous.”

With all the sympathy I can muster for even the least incredulous of the alleged victims, I know that public trial by internet, decades after the alleged incidents- one accusation per day is not fair to either the alleged victims or the Cosby family.

In the latest allegation published on this morning, a 55 year old woman named Judy Huth is alleging in a lawsuit that in 1974 at the age of 15, she and her 16 year old friend wandered, (check the language), "WANDERED" onto a San Marino movie set. The article says Cosby asked them their ages.  The article doesn't say what they answered.

The article says Cosby took them to his tennis club where the 15 year old Huth played pool with Cosby and he required, (check the language), "REQUIRED" her to drink alcohol each time she lost a game. He had them, (check the language), "had them follow him" to the Playboy Mansion. Where Cosby, told them to tell the Playboy bunnies that they were 19 years old.  Then as per the modus operandi described by several of the other accusers in this spree of allegations, Cosby took the hand of one of them and used her hand to perform a sex act on himself --- 40 years ago at the playboy mansion.

She or her parents had until 1988 when she would have been 29 to meet the very liberal California statute of limitation had she pressed charges, but she did not -- 40 years after the incident and 26 years after the statute of limitation expired, this 55 year old woman has filed a law suit that alleges that this use of her hand caused her psychological damage.

Maybe she dodged a bullet, since based on the accounts of several of the accusers, the then, 37 year old Cosby preferred a womans hand to any other part of her anatomy. Had he not, it is clear that this 55 year old woman, psychologically damaged by the use of her hand, would now ( and excuse my use of highly technical psychological jargon) be crazy as batshit.

After all, even before the hand incident, she was already getting lost and “Wandering” onto movie sets and letting a man with no reputation as a ventriloquist or hypnotist for that matter, force her to lie about her age and follow him to the playboy mansion. How can you ridicule a 15 year old child? Nobody is ridiculing a child. What is being ridiculed is the strategy of a 55 year old woman attempting to get money to repair 40 year old psychological damage via a lawsuit against the WRONG RICH man.

Clearly somebody rich has to pay for the psychological damage caused to this woman by this incident in the Playboy mansion. In my opinion it should be Hugh Hefner.  My suggestion is that they dig Hugh Hefner up and make him cough up some dollars for letting lost hypnotized ventriloquized teens into the playboy mansion. Don't say Hef ain't dead, I am a physician. I know dead when I see it.  The last time I saw him on TV walking with twin girlfriends, he was dead. Only wind powered wrinkles were holding him up.

By releasing one of these tales per day, white media folks figure, probably correctly that they can make anybody crack.  Cosby has had to resign from the Board of Trustees of Temple University and  has had to cancel several appearances around the country. Just when YOU THOUGHT these people COULD’NT GET ANY MEANER THAN TRIAL BY FIRE, a technique they perfected on EACH OTHER, even before they started lynching us --they come up with trial by internet. About now, the Cosby family must be feeling that TRIAL BY INTERNET is WORSE.

The media has attributed the new interest in lynching Cosby to a Black comedian named Burress having criticized Cosby's smugness during a comedy routine, but I am not buying it.

The attacks are too coordinated and organized. It is Burress who had better not get too smug. One day when the same folks decide that Hannibal Burress, (and I can barely resist the impulse to call him Cannibal) is too smug and come after him.

Only then he will understand. Only Burress knows whether White ethnics, wrote the material about smugness for him. This material has propelled him into his 15 minutes of fame. If whites wrote that material for Cannibal, and only he could say, then he probably already understands. Smug is, apparently, the new uppity. Bill Cosby was never called smug before he tried to purchase a major TV network.

After that his son was found dead on the freeway, an alleged half White love child came out of the woodwork and he began to acquire more suits than the Steve Harvey collection.  One woman alleges that she never suspected anything when he set her up in an apartment and had her keep meeting him in hotels around the country for acting lessons. I can see the reason for her confusion.  Men with names such as Samuel Goldwyn, David Selznick and Darryl F. Zanuck, only provided such women (aspiring actresses)  with a couch. Yet this Cosby’s accuser never thought of herself as a kept woman even after she repeatedly woke up from alleged alcohol and pill induced comas finding that her memory was gone and that she had unknowingly been used for some kind of sex.

Another woman, Janice Dickinson claimed that Cosby contacted her right after she got out of drug rehab, invited her to Lake Tahoe then gave her a pill for her menstrual cramps. She alleges that after she went into the pill and alcohol induced coma she woke up with a sore vagina and anus. She says Cosby took advantage of her. Huh? Cosby wanted to have vaginal and anal sex,  with a menstruating, drug addict in 1982 the same year the first AIDS clinic was established in San Francisco?

I would never say any of these women are lying. Only Maury Povich can do that. Maybe Maury can take a break from the Black teens and invite these women on his show to settle this thing once and for all. Don’t invite Cosby and engage in a fishing expedition.

Invite these White women and be done with it. Let’s get it out of the way because I am starting to suspect that White folks are bringing these old cases out to distract people from Ferguson, Staten Island, Baltimore, Chicago and everywhere else where the issues are current, clear cut and all too often on video tape. 

Over 20 years ago another Comedian Paul Mooney predicted how White People would handle Bill Cosby in such a situation as he finds himself now. Listen to the prophetic Mr. Mooney, starting at point 52:40 on this video on the link below



What Does Bill Cosby Have to Do With Police Terror?

Part 2 of The Cosby Affair: Is Smug The New Uppity?

The L.A. Times on December 5 published the latest installment in the media lynching of Bill Cosby that is already circulating the internet under the headline “LAPD willing to investigate Bill Cosby sex assault allegations.”

Imagine that, The LAPD wants to investigate someone for abusing women.  I’d like to offer a suggestion for somebody in show business maybe the LAPD should investigate instead.  He is a former Fox 5 Commentator. Here’s an excerpt from his online bio: This star’s name has been replaced with the word (He) in parenthesis.

(He) “currently serves as a forensic and crime scene expert for FOX News Channel (FNC).

Prior to contributing for FNC, (He) was an on-air consultant for ABC, CBS and Court TV. He also served as a Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) detective for 20 years, where he rose to fame as a key investigator … (He) received more than 55 official commendations during his 20 years with the LAPD.

(He) is an established author whose books have been New York Times bestsellers. Three of his books have been optioned for film rights, and "Murder in Greenwich" was produced by Sony Pictures TV, airing on the USA Network in November 2002.”

Below is an excerpt from a Court transcript of a tape in which this Fox 5 star had described the torture of suspects to an author who interviewed him during the period April 2, 1985 - July 28, 1994. (Note that this period, though after some of the acts alleged to have been committed by Cosby, is just like the period of the alleged actions of Cosby well beyond the statute of limitations.)

The Star: “We broke 'em. Numerous bones in each one of them. Their faces were just mush. They had pictures on the walls, there was blood all the way to the ceiling with finger marks like they were trying to crawl out of the room. They showed us pictures of the room. It was unbelievable, there was blood everywhere. All over the wall, all (over) the furniture, all (on) the floor. It was just everywhere. These guys, they had to shave so much hair off, one guy they shaved it all off. Like 70 stitches in his head. You know, knees, cracked, oh it was just -- We had 'em begging that they'd never be gang members again, begging us. So with 66 allegations. I had a demonstration in front of Hollenbeck station chanting my name. Captain had to take them all into roll call, and that's where the internal affairs investigation started. It lasted 18 months. I was on a photo lineup, suspect lineup. I was picked out by 12 people. So I was pretty proud of that. I was the last one interviewed. The prime suspect is always the last one interviewed. They didn't get any of our unit - 38 guys - they didn't get one day…  (not a day of punishment)

“Immediately after we beat those guys, we went downstairs to the garden hose in the back of the place. We washed our hands. We had blood all over our legs, everything. With a dark blue uniform, you know, and in the dark, you can't see it. But when you get in the light and it looks like somebody took red paint and painted it all over you. We had to clean our badges off with water, there was blood all over 'em.”

Well some clear thinker might say “this show business guy beat males. Cosby abused women.” That’s a very good point so here is another excerpt from the same interview describing this mystery T.V. star bestselling author, former police detective’s treatment of a woman in the moments, immediately preceding the incident described above.  “We kicked the door (down). We grabbed a girl that lived there, one of their girlfriends. Grabbed her by the hair and stuck a gun to her head, and used her as a barricade. Walked up and told them: `I've got this girl, I'll blow her fucking brains out, if you come out with a gun.' Held her like this -- threw the bitch down the stairs -- dead bolted the door -- Let's play, boys”

The interviewer paid this star the courtesy of asking him if she could use this story in her project. Here is that exchange:

Interviewer : “Can we use that in the story?”

Fox 5 Star: “It hasn't been 7 years. Statute of limitations.”

They weren’t past the statute of limitations at the time of the interview, I am not sure about at the time of the O. J. Simpson Trial. Oops! I am getting very distractible in my old age.  I gave it away, by mentioning O.J. Simpson, you probably now know the  Fox 5 star  of whom I am speaking. No it is not the star of Fox 5, CNN and CNBC Patrick Brosnan, named police officer of the year in 1990, the former detective and Giuliani body guard accused of participating in the murder of Anthony Rosario and Hilton Vega and wounding of Freddie Bonilla in 1995.

No I am not talking about James Crowe the former NYPD Detective who along with Brosnan fired a total of 28 shots at and/or into those same three victims of police violence. No the star of whom I am speaking is Fox 5’s own Mark Fuhrman who became a bestselling author by writing a story about a murder committed by a Kennedy family member many years after it had occurred. There is no statute of limitation on murder.

What does the media lynching of Bill Cosby a Black star, have to do with Police violence and the O.J. Simpson Murder Trial aside from the fact that O.J. was a Black Star who was successfully media lynched and ultimately sent to prison where a recent news story reported that he has been assaulted in prison and reduced to stealing cookies?

See, sometimes when the gloves don’t fit you really don’t have to acquit even after the statute of limitations has expired. In the case of O.J. Simpson, O.J. walked mainly because the jury did not buy the idea that O.J. fumbled the bloody gloves that Fuhrman found, one at the scene of the crime (1st yard line) and one on the grounds of O.J.’s property (finish line).

If you weren’t keeping up you probably don’t know which police violence L.A.P.D. should investigate Mark Fuhrman about. You probably think they should investigate him about the aforementioned torture of those suspects and the abuse of that woman so long after the statute of limitations has now past. LAPD already did that. Fuhrman said in his interview that internal affairs had 66 allegations on him.

Did, I mention that Fuhrman is the one who found the glove on the first yard line and finish line of a man not known for fumbling a ball, much less his gloves?  If L.A.P.D. wants to investigate somebody in show business, why investigate Cosby? Why not investigate Fuhrman.

There is no statute of limitation on murder.

Below is a link to the page with excerpts from Furhman’s interview presented to the court by Johnny Cochran at the O.J. Simpson Murder Trial in 1995.

By the way, Fuhrman uses the word Nigger liberally on this transcript, a word he testified under oath that he never used. He was ultimately convicted of perjury for that lie.

Note: Fuhrman's comments on Michael Brown.


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