The Murder of Ramarley Graham and the Lack of Fight Back

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Ramarley Graham

Here are my comments regarding the article "HASTE SHOULD'VE BEEN IMPRISONED AND ALL OFFICERS INVOLVED IN MURDER OF MY SON, RAMARLEY GRAHAM, FIRED," by the mother of Ramarley Graham.

In the summer of 1968 while visiting with family in New york city I called two college friends who lived in New York and we got together and bought a bag of reefer to smoke.

We went to Morningside Park, smoked the weed and we all went home without incident. Since that distant time weed has been decriminalized and all police officers are aware of that fact. The bodega where Ramarley purchased the weed was under surveillance for suspicion of illegal substance sales.

The police knew what Ramarley had bought because they had had reports about the place. Despite all of this, they followed him home, entered without a warrant or anything and killed the adolescent in the bathroom claiming he was flushing evidence down the commode.

White teenagers buy and smoke weed everyday just like many other youngsters of other ethnic groups. What the police should have done was to issue a citation for this non-criminal act and left it at that. Instead they turned it into a genocidal attack against Black people and their black-robed criminals in the courts gave them a free pass.

No officials at any level have done their job according to standard procedures and humane considerations. They all support White supremacy with their collaboration.

Despite it all we must rise to the occasion and defend ourselves as best we can. If we fight back we could lose; but if we don't we are defeated.

Who will fight the good fight?

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