The Rise of Trump and America's Looming Clashes

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Clash at Trump tower?

Democrats are already in the streets protesting. 

So on Sunday, Feb 5, Republicans will reportedly meet them in the streets to counter protest at the Trump Tower. Will they go to war over immigrants? Is this the kind of potential confrontation that could go into something big and destructive?

After all, ulterior motives notwithstanding, Americans did go to war over enslaved Blacks --either to free them or to maintain the union. War would be an extreme outcome of the potential clash that will emerge from the meeting of the groups.

But alas, the protests at airports, judges' staying Trump's deportation orders, the Senate's delays in approving his cabinet secretaries, his threatening of other nations (friends and foes alike), the unease of civil servants and bureaucrats, the protest at UC Berkeley, Trump's attempted muzzling of the press, and his annoyance that while he gets the spoil of victory, the losers Civil Rights must be maintained, he may just set off a war to unite the nation. 

Nothing unites America like a war. The Huffington Post (2/3/17) reads: "A Reckless Slide toward War with Iran." Yahoo News(2/3/17) notes: "Sanders warns Trump could start a war."

A divided America is not pretty or intelligible. Imagine an America where people of various race/ethnicities and languages now asserting themselves because of fear. The Constitution that once held this country together is being shredded to make America Right, Righteous and White again. 

But to the annoyance of Trump and his supporters, it appears most White, Black, Brown, Gay, Lesbian, Transgender, Legals, and Illegals, prefer an inclusive America.

Despite any ambivalence towards Trump, one has to hope for his success as a president who will follow the law to make America great again. The press' relentless attack against him for defeating them singlehandedly in confounding their predictions is transparent and counterproductive.

Trump is different from Obama as he showed in the campaign -- and he was elected.
A sore point with Obama and many Blacks is, while he freed a traitorous Chelsea Manning he could not offer a pardon to Marcus Garvey.

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