Ugandans Want Change and March Alongside Bobi Wine

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Tbe author with Hon. Kyagulanyi in Washington, D.C.


Hon. Robert Kyagulanyi, a.k. as Bobi Wine, it was very inspiring walking in these footsteps of living history with you.

While we strive to liberate our country Uganda from the 33 years of dictatorship, we have chosen non violent means and we shall continue to remind our people that our country has bled so much therefore we cannot afford President Yoweri Museveni’s bush war tactics.

For 25 years our brothers and sisters in the Northern part of Uganda lived in a state of war while the international community looked the other way. Even as we speak our brothers and sisters in Apaa are living in internally displaced people’s camps while Museveni’s army is illegally occupying their ancestral land.

We cannot have the military controlling the agricultural sector, our lakes, mineral resources, infrastructural development and also be able to raid the Parliament anytime they wish to crush dissenting voices.

I am personally very pleased that we are almost turning this page and I just want to thank Rep. Brad Sherman, Sen. Chris Coons, Sen. Cory Booker, Sen. Ed Markey and the office of Rep. Ayanna Pressley for keeping a close eye on the Uganda issue. Museveni and his family have enriched themselves on American taxpayers' dollars under the guise of regional strategic military alliance at the expense of the Ugandan people’s democracy, equality and justice. This must stop and we are here to offer new leadership in Uganda that will not only work for the development of the region but also protect America’s interests.

We cannot wait until Museveni mortgages our country to China and Russia. We are here to work with the American people as strategic allies and as well as development partners.

Soldier on Hon. Kyagulanyi, Ugandans are ready to walk side by side with you.

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