Uganda's Red Bandannas: Civilian, Nasasira, Killed By U.S. backed Tyrant Museveni's Soldiers as Age-Ceiling Protest Grows

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Uganda's legitimately elected President Dr. Kizza Besigye pays hospital visit to a red-bandanna shot and wounded by Gen. Museveni's men.


A 22-year old Ugandan named Edison Nasasira was martyred yesterday and several were injured in the struggle to liberate the country from 31 years of Gen. Yoweri Museveni's brutal U.S.-backed tyranny.

The U.S., as usual, turns a blind-eye, to the repression by its favorite African dictator. The puppet president, Museveni, has been responsible for three decades of massive bloodshed in Uganda from political repression; and, he's spread regional destruction and deaths by his army's invasions of neighboring Rwanda (1990), Congo (several times starting in 1997) and South Sudan (2013).

Now popular resistance is growing in Uganda and the regime is even banning legitimate public gatherings including those called for by Members of Parliament by Museveni's increasingly fascist police.

Yesterday, young Nasasira was reportedly shot in the head by the dictator's armed goons in the country's Rukungiri district where thousands participated in a growing national protest against Museveni's attempt to remove the age-75 ceiling from the country's constitution. They also wanted to welcome Dr. Kizza Besigye, the country's legitimately elected president. Instead unarmed peaceful demonstrators were fired on and dispersed by Museveni's armed bandits.

The dictator, who seized power in 1986, removed term-limits from the constitution in 2005 and has rigged several elections since then and returned himself to office. Last year Museveni was defeated by opposition leader Dr. Besigye in the presidential elections. He simply ignored the will of the people and had his hand-picked election commission chair, Badru Kiggundu, declare that he had won. Now officially aged 73 --it's believed he is much older-- Museveni wouldn't be able to run in 2021. If he's legally barred from running he won't be able to rig the elections. That's why the dictator is busy trying to desecrate Uganda's constitution once again.

The resistance recently escalated after one of his acolytes from his ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM) ruling party formally initiated a process in Parliament to remove from the constitution the age-75 ceiling for presidential candidates. More than three-quarters of Ugandans oppose the scheme according to a recent poll by Afrobarometer. When brave members of Parliament, wearing red bandannas, tried to delay a debate of the life-presidency measure --Museveni controls two-thirds of Parliament, through rigged votes and patronage-- they were physically assaulted by Museveni's goons, wearing business suits, inside Parliament on September 27.

A video of the incident went viral. Most global viewers mistakenly believed it was a melee involving opposing members of Parliament. No, it was Museveni's agents of death who initiated an attack on lawmakers in red who dared to defy the tyrant's wish for life-presidency. The lawmakers were then arrested.

Afterwards, the homes of two lawmakers, including the popular Robert Kyagulanyi, a.k.a. Bobi Wine, were attacked by unidentified people with grenades. Of course in Uganda only dictator Museveni can authorize an assault in Parliament and grenade attacks against lawmakers.

Yet Ugandans seem no longer to fear the tyrant, even with the $750 million annual financial aid and weapons the regime receives from the United States. American taxpayers' money is being used to subsidize dictatorship and bloodshed in Africa. The opposition keeps ever-growing and people are becoming more defiant. With youth unemployment estimated at 85% young people are determined for change and the red bandannas and T-shirts are now seen throughout Uganda.

Museveni is approaching his Ferdinand Marcos and Hosni Mubarak phase, when, faced with widespread popular discontent, tanks and bullets are no longer able to sustain a tyrant.

How fearful is the cowardly dictator? Until his June 2017 election to Parliament, Bobi Wine, who was raised in a Ugandan slum was best known as a reggae superstar in Uganda with mass grassroots following. Yesterday the dictator banned Bobi Wine from performing any more live musical concerts in Uganda. People power can't be stopped when the people are ready.

The United States and Britain which are the two main countries that prop Museveni's dictatorship with money and arms will be culpable for any bloodshed by the tyrant as he clings to power while pushing forward with his delusional life-presidency scheme.

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