Voting Matters

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The Voting Rights Act eventually led to this day -- President Obama's 2009 swearing in.

As we come into the New Year, there is one issue that most Americans agree on.

That issue is the United States Congress. The majority of citizens, when polled, hold the Congress in very low esteem. The reasons vary, but for many, the gridlock and the inability to get things done have Americans truly frustrated. Congress' ratings are probably one of the few areas of agreement among voters of all stripes.

America's well being is at stake. We continue to struggle to bring the economy back to a place where most Americans don't have to worry about finding a job and a means to support their families. For those who are currently unemployed, the congressional divide forced a budget compromise that left the unemployed, who rely on unemployment insurance, to hold them over until they find work out in the cold.

There is no likelihood of the current Congress raising the federal minimum wage to provide a more livable wage to the working poor. We can expect to continue the bickering over the Affordable Care Act, and will likely find no new initiatives over bread and butter issues.

That brings us to the 2014 midterm elections.

Please the rest of the commentary please see The huffingtonpostMichael A. Hardy, Esq. is General Counsel and Executive Vice-President to National Action Network (NAN). He has been involved in many of this nation's highest profiled cases involving violations of civil or human rights. He continues to supervise National Action Network's crisis unit and hosts a monthly free legal clinic at NAN New York City's House of Justice.


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