Why Obama Didn't Pardon Political Prisoners

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Former president Obama

Re: The January 19 editorial in The Black Star News "Obama Pardon All Political Prisoners," was spot on but you were pleading to deaf ears.

In almost all countries the political prisoners of the previous regime are soon released. In the United States only the president changes and the filthy, murderous regime goes on and on.

That these senior citizens, most of them in retirement age, are considered a "threat" to the biggest military establishment in history with annual budget of $600 billion is not believable. Although they defied the system many years ago the vengeful animosity towards them has not diminished even a little. American barbarism is fully on display and of course barbarians have no heart for moving on in a new day. Despite the change in the date we are still ideologically where we were more than a generation ago.

Number one the United States doesn´t recognize the existence of political prisoners in the U.S. Second; Obama has shown a total disregard for the problems most of Black America suffers and is extremely uncomfortable with racial issues. Third; Obama is afraid to show any mercy to individuals who have been enemies of the state.

Just like the powers that be didn't like his preacher Rev. Jeremiah Wright, they would not approve of what The Black Star News editorial suggests would be a good and humane act.

His only concern is keeping on good terms to those who mentored and supported him all these years. Maybe no one has noticed but have you seen any evidence that the Black now ex-president has any Black friends?

His allegiance to Black America is minimal.

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