‘SCHOOL OF HATE’ to NAACP: white lives matter more

Principal Masten, where'd you get real handcuffs? Just any given racist school day with tone deaf (and freaky) School of Hate Pr
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PHOTO COURTESY OF BSHA: Gee Principal Masten, where'd you get real handcuffs? Just any given racist school day with tone deaf (and freaky) School of Hate Principal Jen "Karen" Masten- above- who thinks it's educationally enlightening to waddle around an elementary school dressed as an entitled white skinned police officer along with other Caucasian children dressed as law enforcement. Likewise, in a stunning display of racist white fear and delusion during what was billed as an in person mediation meeting between the president of the NAACP, Dennis Powell and St. Mary's Catholic School in Lee, Massachusetts over the racist expulsion of Black Star News Youth Journalist Nova Z, the two white people in charge of the most racist school in America told the most respected civil rights organization in U.S. history to shut up about Blacks or whatever and listen to them whine on about how THEY white people are the real victims of the ugly and escalating race war between seventeen Black Lives Matter chapters around the East Coast and the small, rural, mostly white, toothless Catholic elementary school.

It appears the most racist school in America is sure living up to its hateful and bigoted reputation.

In yet another ignorant, pathetic and self-destructive spectacle of racist white fear and delusion, two leaders of the infamous-scandal-ridden St. Mary's School in Lee, Massachusetts -Principal Jennifer L. Masten and Fr. Brian McGrath- went off on a loopy, demented, Karen-like-racist-tirade during what was billed as an in person mediation meeting between the "School of Hate" and National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) over the racist birthday expulsion of Black Star News Youth Journalist Nova Z.

NAACP president Dennis Powell told The Black Star News his position on SMS' racist expulsion of Nova Z is simple. It should have never happened and is morally unjustifiable.

"Academically, Nova Z is a superstar. Our interests are with Nova and what she is going through and how we can help her," president Powell said.

After SMS received several phone calls from the Berkshire-NAACP about Nova Z's expulsion, the most racist school in America apparently decided to lure the most respected civil rights organization in American history to drive from North Adams, Massachusetts all the way to the School of Hate campus in Lee just to ambush and silence them with their hateful-tone-deaf-white-people-gibberish.

Once they got there, the two white school officials at the meeting launched into a brazenly obvious amateurish diversion and told the president of the NAACP, Dennis Powell and his negotiating team they were actually not interested in mediation after all, refusing even to listen to the iconic civil rights organization's written proposals undoing their racist, hateful actions and initiating Nova Z's return to school.

Instead, SMS leaders explained to the NAACP that they in fact believe their delusional-fearful-white-people-reverse-grievances and self-perceived-racist-white-victimization was far more pressing and important an issue to discuss than the expulsion of their school's only Black female student the day before her before birthday.

"Just from that short interaction I could clearly see how frustrating this was going to be. I was picking up on certain language and tone and perspective- layers of racism- that were without a doubt highly inappropriate. If I were a parent there - if it was me I would be outraged. To be honest, I would have had an attorney all over them," NAACP consultant Shirley Edgerton told The Black Star News.

Throughout the whirlwind of damning press and devastating public shame the School of Hate has experienced in the Berkshire community and beyond since news broke on the wire last month about Nova Z's racist birthday expulsion, the two white people solely in charge of the rural, isolated, mostly white elementary school still refuse to admit to themselves they actually are the racist abominations that most believe them to be.

When the Lee Town Library and powerful Catholic luminariess like Father Kazimierz Chwalek M.I.C- provincial superior of the powerful international Order of Marian Fathers and the National Shrine of Divine Mercy in Stockbridge, Massachusetts- cudgeled Fr. McGrath and Jen Masten for the hate aimed at Nova Z, they both still would not let that reality dictate their racist delusional reasoning.




Even after the Berkshire Probate and Family Court(BPFC), investigators from the Massachusetts Department of Children and Families (DCF) and the NAACP all independently determined that SMS Principal Masten- wife of Greylock Federal Credit Union Executive John S. Masten- reported racist-Karen-like "false allegations" about Nova Z to DCF in 2017, Fr. McGrath has continued to fully back Masten's racist, poorly executed attempt to have the school's only Black student unjustly separated and removed from her family's home for years.

In textbook-Karen-like-fashion, Fr. McGrath and Masten insisted to the NAACP that THEY are the real victims of the groundswell of anger and rage whipping through college campuses around the East Coast currently being echoed through seventeen Black Lives Matter chapters on behalf of Nova Z.


"They said they felt 'unsafe' and they did use the word unsafe," NAACP education consultant Joel Priest- who was at the meeting- told The Black Star News, describing just how deeply rooted McGrath and Masten's racist, white, delusional fear goes. Priest also expressed how the School Of Hate thought about the media reporting facts about Masten's racist birthday expulsion of the school's only Black female student six months after Fr. McGrath admitted he spoke about his genitalia in front of Nova Z after Mass last February. "They were pretty adamant about what they called 'attacks in the press,' that made parents, staff and administrators feel 'unsafe' and 'threatened,' " Priest said.


Another argument Fr. McGrath made during his bizarre-one-way-white-people-rant regarding why Nova Z could not return, was what Priest described as a rather peculiar and culturally obsolete discussion about how children from "nuclear" families have a higher value at SMS than those children- like Nova Z- who are not.

"Dennis, Shirley and I duly noted their patriarchy and racism in all sorts of small and large ways during our meeting in terms of the ways they talked about kids in families with both biological parents and the (reasoning behind) white centered Christmases. All of these points resonate with us as long standing issues in all sorts of church hierarchies, including the Catholic Church and just how they are reinforced at a Catholic school like St. Mary's," Priest said.


In other words, Fr. McGrath's School of Hate prefers nuclear families over families like the Holy Family of Jesus Christ?

"Don't mention those hypocrisies," Priest snickerd.

The NAACP reiterated that they only came to mediate Nova Z's return to SMS and asked what they could do to help facilitate that. Priest expressed that in all of his thirty plus years of being in the education profession, he has never seen or heard of a student being expelled who had not done anything wrong themselves. The fact that Nova Z was Black- not to mention the school's ONLY Black female student- just underscored even more just how abhorrently egregious and "highly inappropriate" it all appeared to the NAACP.


"We opened up with what can we do (NAACP) to create an opening that would allow Nova Z to return to school?" Priest said.

The two leaders of the "School Of Hate,"- who brought along with them to the meeting someone with yet another thoughtful, white man's perspective, Springfield diocese superintendent, "Dr." Dan Baillargeon- said there was nothing that could be done. They refused to negotiate any further, telegraphing to the iconic, historical civil rights institution that their racist-delusional-entitled-white-fear was more important than entertaining notions of some Black child's well being they felt like tossing out of school the day before her birthday.

Even though the NAACP felt all of SMS's arguments about nuclear families and "toxic-parent" issues were completely "bogus," president Powell called Fr. McGrath's bluff to test if they were even pretending to believe the arguments they were espousing at the negotiating table that Nova Z's expulsion had nothing to do with race.

"I went so far as to say we would find someone- a surrogate so to speak- to pick up and drop Nova off at school and communicate with the teachers and all of that and they wouldn't even by that," president Powell said.

"The other carrot Dennis put out there was how the positive press and sewing good faith in the community by working alongside the NAACP on this would in the end work in their favor. They didn't see that as a win for them," Priest said.

"No, they didn't," president Powell said with an exacerbated sigh.

The NAACP again tried to circle back and at least begin the process of negotiations by asking them what they felt comfortable in terms of conditions they would agree to that would allow Nova Z to return.

"They said 'We will get back to you,' " Priest said.

The School Of Hate's ugly, cringe-worthy and embarrassing episode with the NAACP is just the latest chapter in a series of ignorant, racist, bigoted and hateful incidents between the "School Of Hate" leadership -McGrath and Masten- and their whack-job-interactions with Black people.

Nova Z's father, New York City true-crime author and investigative journalist Toby Rogers was "dismayed, however not surprised by the atrocious and appalling behavior that Masten and McGrath subjected the NAACP to."

"If you are going to act that ignorant, disrespectful and racist and make the NAACP drive all the way down the state just to say 'we do not want to negotiate,' I mean they could have just hamboned them an irate-rural-white-people-message or even a simple phone call would have sufficed," Rogers told the Black Star News. "But part of being somebody overflowing with bigotry and hate is having the ability to compartmentalize and replace rational and logical thought with warped and perverted-white-entitled-delusion. That is in fact how hate metastasizes in white people. It's mostly through white denial and a lack of self awareness of their own white entitlement and privilege. 'Of course we are not racist,' almost all white racists tell themselves. They are white- therefore could never be wrong about anything, particularly about race. Trump says the exact same thing about all the hatred he directs at Black women.

"Here is a reality check. If you're having a sit-down-in-person meeting during a pandemic with the NAACP and you are on the OTHER side of the mediation table full of white people, you are officially an ignorant f***ing racist who should be nowhere near any school or church. You should be nowhere near the deep fryer at McDonald's. You need to go crawl back into the sewers from which you came from, and never show your mean, pinched, bitter, evil, faces in public again."

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It appears the morally bankrupt School Of Hate- even after hearing about the incensed bands of East Coast college students along with seventeen chapters of BLM activists from around the East Coast planning to storm into the heart of Rockwell country to rage outside their homes and receiving calls from the president of the NAACP demanding an in-person sit down over a proposal they wrote up to undo their racist and hateful acts aimed at the school's only Black female student- has doubled down on it's delusional toxic whiteness.

BREAKING: As we go to print, The Black Star News has obtained a letter the NAACP received from the School Of Hate confirming the authoritarian-white-supremacist-one-way-conversation between the most racist school in America and the most respected civil rights organization in America. A story on the contents of that letter itself will be filed here at Black Star in the coming days.

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