Article of Impeachment Against Donald Trump To Be Delivered Monday

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi outlines the next steps in Donald Trump's second impeachment trial as an article of impeachment will
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In the following statement House Speaker Nancy Pelosi outlines the next steps in Donald Trump's second impeachment trial, for inciting the Capitol Hill Riot, as an article of impeachment will be delivered tomorrow:

Dear Democratic Colleague,

Monday, January 25, will be a momentous and solemn day, as the House sadly transmits the Article of Impeachment for Donald Trump to the Senate.

Our Constitution and country are well-served by our outstanding impeachment managers – lead manager Rep. Jamie Raskin and Reps. Diana DeGette, David Cicilline, Joaquin Castro, Eric Swalwell, Ted Lieu, Stacey Plaskett, Madeleine Dean, and Joe Neguse. I salute them for the great love of our country, dedication to our democracy and loyalty to our oath with which they have proceeded, as they ensure that no one is above the law.

The House has been respectful of the Senate’s constitutional power over the trial and always attentive to the fairness of the process. When the Article of Impeachment is transmitted to the Senate, the former President will have had nearly two weeks since we passed the Article. Our Managers are ready for trial before the 100 Senate jurors.

As we work to defend our Constitution and our Democracy, the Democratic House remains hard at work to save the lives and livelihoods of the American people from the pandemic and economic crises. We applaud the actions taken by President Biden, starting on Day One of his Administration, and are working to turn his national strategy for COVID response and preparedness into legislation that will pass both chambers and be signed into law.

A key priority is the security and safety of the Capitol Complex, the temple of our Democracy General Russel Honoré is preparing his assessment of the security of the campus, and we expect to have updates soon. Relatedly, when we return to session, we will pass a rule change mandating fines for Members who refuse to follow new screening protocols for the House Chamber.

It is sad that this step is necessary, but the disrespectful and dangerous refusal of some Republican Members to adhere to basic safety precautions for our Congressional Community – including our Capitol Police – is unacceptable.

Thank you all for your patriotism and courage. I am confident that, strengthened by the new Biden-Harris Administration and Senate Democratic Majority, we can restore healing, unity and optimism to our nation, so that – as Joe Biden quotes Seamus Heaney, “The longed for tidal wave of justice can rise up, and hope and history can rhyme.”



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