Black Man May Get Bail After Killing White Woman During Racist Attack Against Him

On June 14, 21-year-old Marc Wilson was accosted by a truck full of angry white racist teens.
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There is a State of Emergency in Georgia as it relates to the fact that racialized violence and unjust criminalization and prosecutions have increased in the state. This is evident in the Marc Wilson case that is now up for reconsideration of bond scheduled for Tuesday, December 15 that will be presided over by Judge Michael T. Muldrew.

Wilson’s attorney, Francys Johnson was quoted in the AJC prior to an imposed gag order on July 7 as saying the following:

“That’s the test – whether the metes and bounds of ‘stand your ground’ will matter for Marc Wilson like they were purported to matter for the killers of Ahmaud Arbery,” Johnson said. “Remember, they were able to cloak themselves in ‘stand your ground’ and self-defense claims and avoided arrest for more than 72 days, even though there was video evidence to contradict them.”


On June 14, 21-year-old Marc Wilson was accosted by a truck full of angry white racist teens. A terrified Wilson defended his life and the life of his girlfriend by firing a warning shot from a legally owned firearm. Unfortunately, one of the occupants of the truck, Haley Hutcheson was unintentionally killed by the shot.

After fully cooperating with law enforcement, William Marcus Wilson turned himself into authorities. Marc Stood His Ground but was unfairly jailed.

This case is another disparate application of Georgia’s Stand Your Ground law and the unjust criminalization of people of color without due process nor the support of the facts. It’s been 180 days and we are demanding justice for Marc and calling on Judge Michael Muldrew to apply the law fairly by granting bond to Marc.

Marc Wilson Solidarity Caravan [LINK]

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