Boxing's Ugly Blot: Call Nevada State Athletic Commission To Investigate Bradley "Victory" Over Pacquiao

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 [Black Star News Editorial]
Awarding Timothy Bradley victory over Manny Pacquiao in their championship fight was so atrocious that the verdict must be overturned.

Otherwise it will go down as one of the ugliest blots for boxing. We could not find a single round to award to Bradley. Yet two judges somehow found a way to actually give the fight itself to Bradley.

there were three or four rounds during which Bradley wasn't beaten up as
badly as he was in other rounds by Pacquiao. That doesn't translate into Bradley
winning those rounds. A boxer does not get points for taking less
punishment in a round relative to others.

So on what basis
could've Bradley accumulated enough points to beat Pacquiao? Was
Pacquiao being punished for his last fight against Juan Manuel Marquez which many people believe
that he may have indeed lost? Again, that's not how a boxing
championship fight is scored.

Timothy Bradley seems to be an
honest man. He pretty much conceded that he lost the fight to Pacquiao. When asked
for his own reaction by Max Kellerman after the fight he said he would
go home and watch the tape to see if he "won the fight." These aren't
the words of a fighter who has scored a hard-earned victory.

We are not even big fans of
Manny Pacquiao but we believe in fairness in competition. Bradley gave
it his best but he came way short in beating a stronger and quicker
fighter who punished him all night with hard straight left hand shots.

the judges under some pressure because of some bets that had been
placed? At the very least all the score cards should be seized and an
investigation must be launched.

Pacquiao should be awarded the victory he earned. At the very least the fight must be declared a no-contest.

We encourage readers to call the Nevada State Athletic Commissioner, Raymond "Skip" Avansino Jr.,  at (702) 486-2575  and
demand that he launch an investigation into this charade of a decision.
Remind him that Nevada already has a dubious reputation.

the judges and the Nevada State Athletic Commission can't do the right
thing, Bradley should renounce the corrupted victory and say that he
wants to part of it.

This would be a tremendous boost for his
reputation even beyond boxing. He's pretty much already conceded that he
didn't win the fight.

The November rematch would then count as the actual fight itself.

"Speaking Truth To Empower."


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