Education: Recognizing Harlem Schools

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Seventh Grader Larry Castellanos, from Harlem’s Talented & Gifted School (TAG) was bestowed the title of "CA President for a Day" at CA, Inc.

Pictured sitting here, Castellanos shadowed Mike Christenson, CA’s President and COO (pictured left), and put all 12 years of his life experience to work in CA’s New York City offices where he participated in a real business meetings ranging from sales to pricing to budgeting.

CA’s relationship with TAG was made possible by the nonprofit organization PENCIL ( PENCIL creates partnerships between business leaders and principals to inspire innovative solutions to the challenges facing NYC public schools. CA teamed up with TAG for the 2007-2008 school year, and has continued its partnership for the 2008-2009 school year.

CA, Inc., the world’s leading independent IT management software company will provide a unique opportunity for a 7th grader to play the role of president of CA for one day. This idea has been developed through CA’s partnership with PENCIL, a nonprofit organization in New York City that supports customized relationships between business leaders and principals with the goal of inspiring and transforming NYC public schools.

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