Finding Your Middle Passage

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She has traveled the world, lived abroad, encountered life-changing experiences, met interesting people while having the insight to understand the things she observed had the power and ability to unite a race of people so different and yet so alike in so many ways.

Meet award-winning novelist, Rosalind Kilkenny McLymont. She has a keen passion for the African Diaspora contagious enough that after one conversation with her about the subject you will begin to search for your own middle ground.

She’s a wife, a mother and a strong woman with a black belt in Tai Chi. Rosalind has a sense of calm about herself as if life thus far has placed many pearls of wisdom in her purse of knowledge. She is patiently waiting for her next journey in order to share the experience with the world.  

Saihou Saidy, Director of the Sankaranka Gallery of Contemporary African Art in Brooklyn, recently provided the perfect setting to Rosalind’s literary experience. Dramatic actors performed scenes from her self-published novel Middle Ground, in one of the most unique book signings ever.

Surrounded by beautiful hand-made sculptures and paintings by African artists sent directly to the gallery from the continent, the literary experience brought three characters from Middle Ground to life; Shayna, Chrispin and Amina.

The performance of a story that deals with cultural differences and misunderstanding that causes divisions within a single race, immediately captured the audience’s attention. It was led through several emotions, ending with a strong love connection. No surprise that a long line quickly formed afterwards as people wanted to buy Rosalind’s book and continue the visual journey through her words and their own imagination.

Rosalind has first-hand experience on observing the cultural differences and similarities throughout the African Diaspora. She notes that if Black people around the world united and knocked down the walls of division, great things can happen. “I really wanted to educate and entertain at the same time,� she says. “To say ‘folks here we are, this is who we are. Let’s put our divisions aside and make something for ourselves.’�  

Ask her about the commonalties and differences she’s observed in the African Diaspora and watch as her beam with pride. She will tell you about Black people’s natural sense of style, strong belief in God, the consistent representation of strong Black women, and common love of dance. “We are so alike throughout the Diaspora; we are different by the cultures with which we have been mixed.�

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