Former Student Accuses George Mason University Employee of Sexual Assault

Christopher Gremillion, is a racist George Mason University Community Director
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The following article was submitted by Ema Ukor, a former student and worker at George Mason University, who reported to the Black Star News her allegation that she was sexually assaulted by Christopher Gremillion an employee of George Mason University. Ms. Ukor says she believes George Mason Universiy is a very discriminatory institution.

My name is Ema Ukor. I’m a woman, and ex-student, who was sexually assaulted (groped) on October 25, 2019, by Christopher Gremillion at my job, at George Mason University, where I worked with this abuser.

Before quitting, I reported this assault on February 15th after months of stalking, and nonstop harassment by Gremillion.

He would stalk me when I was doing RA duties like rounds, creepily holding the door open for me specifically that night in October which is when he sexually assaulted me by groping me. He walked in front to make it painfully obvious he was trying to open the door for me, like a gentleman, and then when I would walk in front of him, or be forced to get to the stairwell, he quickly walked behind me and sexually touched my backside.

He had opened the door for me on at least 4 levels the night he isolated and followed me on my work shift. It was very sexually aggressive and weird behavior. He also would call me in repeatedly to unnecessary meetings where he would stare at my breasts.

Christopher Gremillion, is a racist George Mason University Community Director. He is an obsessed serial stalker who was fixated on sexually violating me. He has still not yet been fired for his sexual assault against me—or faced any kind of disciplinary measures.

Worse of all, Gremillion has now started a vicious gofundme page to attack me again. He literally refers to me as a “abusive minority.”

George Mason University has NOT responded and its Police Department, and others, have continued to target me for complaining.

Mason Police threatened me for filing a report, and I was left to not only fend for myself but stayed in fear. An officer (Donald Daniels) yelled at me and said, “people get hemmed up when it’s just not true!” He, like many others, clearly did not want another white person to be accused of sexual misconduct. This is a clear pattern in white supremacy. This stemmed from months long harassment I received at the hands of Gremillion. I only mention race because I have to.

Sadly, with everything going on, like Breonna Taylor, I had to deal with my fear that I could have been seriously hurt or even killed for trying to report this. This officer knew I was trying to complain and create a barrier between me and Chris. I beleive he retaliated to make sure he would be able to continue to harass me.

Before being assaulted on October, within the time when I was still a student at George Mason, I had asked 4 times to be removed from Christopher Gremillion’s supervision and had stopped in person meetings with him.

As soon as I sent an email accusing him of sexual assault, I reported this to Title 9 and moved out of the Rogers and Whitetop buildings he controlled to emergency temporary Housing. On 2/15, he had said things like “I won’t try to exonerate myself by letting you leave.”

I then also officially left the position on Gremillion's' team, who I worked with. Title 9 and other school departments retaliated against me for reporting him. They have now even started to contact other sources such as my friend Osman, and the Women’s group at the school Mason4Survivors for speaking out, trying to stop us. I have now even been told that faculty have said they are: "not at liberty” to talk to me because of the legal matters involved. This includes a diversity office.

After I’d finally left Gremillion's supervision and put this in writing, I was sent threats in the form of ripped photos from his walls of his buildings. This, I believe, is indicative of the violence towards Black women, and a sign that someone wanted to hurt me.

From 2/15, I missed 4 shifts in an attempt to stay away from him. This was termed as job abandonment.

I later obtained a restraining order against him with the Fairfax County District Court. Chris received a short-term restraining order 3/5/2020 and just as an example of his level of targeting of me, sent me an email 5 days later to torment me. It was just an email with a line going through it.

He also mentioned in restraining order court that he might have “mistakenly” touched me. This was on 3/20/2020.

Because Osman and others have tried to help, he is threatening to retaliate, by trying to sue for defamation. He has a gofundme that admits he was accused of “inappropriately touching” me, but it’s just because he was holding me accountable to the actions of the job”.

I believe he is trying to silence us.

He’s also trying to sue the women’s group Mason4survivors. So, I made a gofundme, but it hasn’t raised much, and George Mason University continues to come at me for accusing Gremillion, a white man, of sexual assault.

Lastly, I have suffered a lot of emotional trauma. I have been unable to work and am living in fear. Chris Gremillion sexually assaulted me and has made my life a living hell.

On the Christopher Gremillion's GoFundme page he claims that he's the victim and writes: "I will keep this as straightforward as possible to prevent any form of misunderstanding. This campaign is specifically for the base amount that is necessary for me to retain the legal services necessary for me to begin the process of a defamation suit. The defamation is against me by several individuals who have targeted me specifically to be the recipient of harassment in multiple forms. For over seven months I have become the target of these individuals, for the simple reason of holding a former staff member accountable to the expectations of their job.

"As a result, several individuals have used their platforms to launch a concentrated campaign of character assassination against myself, including the telling of many lies, and particularly accusations of inappropriate touching which is not true. The former staff member started with the campus Title IX office, which included an external investigator, that determined no "factual evidence to sustain the allegation." A claim for a protective order by the accuser was denied by the general court and dismissed with prejudice (a legal term meaning she can not bring the accusation again) by a circuit court on appeal. Nevertheless, this former staff member continues to abuse their minority identity for personal gain while taking advantage of media, including social, radio, and more to engage in aggressive character assassination."

Editor's note: The Black Star News has sent Mr. Gremillion a message telling him about Ms. Ukor's allegations and extending him an opportunity to respond.

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