Internal Police Bulletin Says Bombs Found Among Pro-Trump Mob

IEDs (improvised explosive device) found in DC, after the Pro-Trump riot at Congress
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Photos: YouTube\The Nation

The Nation's Ken Klippenstein obtained an internal bulletin from the Arlington County Police Department, dated January 6, issued by the Homeland Security Section, which describes and includes photos of the IEDs (improvised explosive device) found in DC, after the Pro-Trump riot at Congress, and cautions officers to “to treat any suspicious device/package as legitimate.”

He reports:

  • A cause of the delay of the DC National Guard, not previously reported, is that the DC National Guard lacked riot gear because much of it was in the possession of active duty military personnel. It had been lent to them this summer as part of Trump’s controversial plans to deploy active duty military to subdue protests, according to a current law enforcement official familiar with the matter.
  • The pro-Trump mob that descended on the capitol was considered such a serious threat that both the FBI’s headquarters and its Washington Field Office sent many staff home, according to one current and one former FBI official familiar with the matter.
  • One FBI official told The Nation: “The only reason you get to breach the Capitol is you let it happen. Why did Capitol Police not have a plan?” In September, the FBI identified the period between the presidential election and inauguration day “as a potential flashpoint,” according to an FBI intelligence assessment previously obtained by The Nation.
  • Another intelligence assessment, conducted by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and obtained by The Nation identified “white supremacist extremists” as the foremost threat to the election. An army intelligence report leaked to Klippenstein also made reference to DHS intelligence in relation to the election, stating, “DHS assessed white supremacist extremists to be the most persistent and lethal threat.”

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