Jordan's Laws of Thinking

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Bishop E. Bernard Jordan: Shares 20 Secrets of the Laws of Thinking to Manifest Prosperity

What if you were told there are certain Universal Laws existing that when properly applied can attract your greatest desire.  Would you believe it?  If not, then stay entrenched in limited thinking because those laws would not work for you since belief is absolutely essential in the successful application of these ancient Universal Laws.  Oprah Winfrey, Ellen, and Larry King recently revealed the “Secret� on their TV shows.  A “Secret� uncovered by Australian, Rhonda Byrne, in her book and DVDs which focuses primarily on the Law of Attraction.  But there are other laws.  Bishop E. Bernard Jordan reveals 20 of them in his book “The Laws of Thinking: 20 Secrets to Using the Divine Powers of the Mind to Manifest Prosperity.�

This journalist is not unfamiliar with the application of these ancient laws practiced by Plato, Einstein, Shakespeare, Newton, Beethoven, and even Jesus Christ through the Mystery Schools of Egypt. Most people are so programmed in their early childhood education they cannot even fathom the possibility of such laws or of applying the formulae of will power to their intent while taking it to action, believing. Nor do they accept that as a child of God, they too have the power to manifest and create. After all, mankind only uses 5% of his brain, with geniuses using 8%.  Can you imagine the potential, capabilities, and greatness of the great I AM within us via our connection to God?  If only we would allow ourselves to step away from our limited programming and THINK in an entirely new way.  Imagine if you could remain focused on a thought and will it to materialize by trusting in your own Divine God energy to manifest it for you. Bishop E. Bernard Jordan has learned how to trust.  He understands these universal laws and now wishes to show people how to eliminate the negative to bring about fulfillment and prosperity.

As we shared a meal in his suite at the Marriott Hotel, Bishop Jordan, who many call the Master Prophet, discussed his gift of prophecy and his book   “I was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York and am Pastor of a Church as well as an Internet Pastor of Zoe Ministries� stated the bishop.  “I minister to and prophesize to people,� claimed Jordan who began prophesizing at age 15 after a spirit appeared to him in a dream and revealed his path.  “I have had some phenomenal experiences.  While in San Francisco, I began prophesizing after walking the streets. I felt an earthquake was coming.  It came after 30 days.  The Prince of Swaziland was amazed by my prophecies so invited me to his nation where I gave prophesy to the Queen Mother.  The nation was experiencing a drought but I saw it ending.  Shortly afterwards the rains came and the land began prospering.  I have done a lot of prophetic work for both individuals and nations around the world.  I believe a people are only as free as their seers are able to see,� remarked the young prophet who shocked a friend who accompanied me to the interview, telling her information he couldn’t have known.

“The Bible speaks of the Word.  We can also look at that as “In the beginning there was Thought and the Thought was God, and with God.  Then Thought became flesh and dwelt among us as the Word.�  Every one of us is a thought sent from God to manifest who we are on earth.  That is why I wrote the book about the Laws of Thinking.  I did this to teach people the value of who they are within because once you understand who you are within, you will learn to have everything on the outside of you that you need and desire.  It’s all an inside job,� stated the prognosticator.   “In my book, I talk about fear as a useless emotion that only produces torment.  We must move away from fear-based religion.  I am attempting to awaken religious minds and let people know they are asleep to their divinity via practicing fear based religions.  I am trying to provide spiritual enlightenment by helping to reconnect people back to their source which is God.  The Scripture says in Psalms 82, Verse 6, “I have said ye are Gods.� Again it is stated in St. John, Chapter 10, Verse 34, “Is it Not Written in your law that I say ye are Gods.�  There have always been prophets within the African American community and Diaspora who have heralded this truth.  Who tell us we can tap into prosperity.  Unfortunately, the media often depicts these prophets in a negative light.  However, once oppressed people begin to awaken, they free their minds and no longer suffer oppression.�

The Laws detailed in Jordan’s book are: The Law of Becoming, The Law of Spirit, of Attraction, of Writing, of Risk, of Habit, of Passion, of the Vow, of the Word, of Mind, of the Journey, of Oneness, of Predestination, of Humility, of Faith, of Planning, of Money, of System, of Prosperity and finally the Law of the Harvest.

“Nothing moves unless the mind moves it.  People must understand the Law of Becoming.  Until you understand your God self and that the Law of Attraction is a magnet that works for both good and bad, you will continue to attract negative things into your life.  You must write your dreams down in an ‘I AM’ statement. If you say ‘I want a House’, then the only thing that is created is more want. Want attracts want.  God only hears ‘I AM that House.� So you must declare I AM that House and see yourself in that house already having received it.  Be positive in order to bring about positive result.  I teach you in my book how to use all the laws so you can use the power of your mind to manifest your prosperity.�

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