Letters To Black People

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What has happened to the land of humanity's birth? What is the true story of the two Africa's? Africa the great, and Africa the bewildered.



For thousands of years, Africa was the home and the source for all the collected knowledge of humanity. The greatest civilizations ever formed by human effort was the empires of the Nubian people and later the ancient Egyptians.

While all of Europe was still living in a backward state, the Nubian civilization had already developed a mathematical system, formed the first written language, domesticated wild animals to aid them in the irrigation and cultivation of the soil in order to produce life sustaining crops, studied the heavens to such an advance degree they were responsible for inventing the science of Astronomy and Astrology.

With this knowledge they were able to circumnavigate the globe, and build kingdoms on every continent on the planet. Now, we see an Africa that is struggling for its very survival. What has happened to the land of humanity's birth? What is the true story of the two Africa's? Africa the great, and Africa the bewildered.

All Black people all over the world need to know the answer to these questions.

What if the solution to our problem was historical in nature? What if we can never regain our greatness as a people unless and until we understand what happened to Africa? If this is true, then all the political posturing and compromising will never achieve true independence for the land, freedom for the body, liberty for the soul, and self respect and dignity for the mind.
The religion of the Europeans was first nurtured on African soil, and now blacks are almost completely absent from the Bible. If we can come to understand what happened that caused us to go from being the greatest civilization the world has ever known, to the conditions we find ourselves living in all over the world; then and only then, would we finally have the answers we need.

Africa's past glory has nearly been lost to history, and it is only now through this letter series that the truth of Africa’s future glory and the future return of her people to world prominence are finally coming to light. In the letter series, “Letters To The Black Man And Woman,” the reader is taken on a historical examination of the role Africans played in establishing early civilization and the role they played in the writing of the Bible.

This eye opening examination will reveal some of the most amazing promises ever made to a race of people. And, show that the time to claim these promises has finally come.

This 10 letter series can be found on the website,
www.nukeyofknowledge.com where the first letter of the series, “The Curse Of Ham,” is now being offered free.

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