Media Failing To Cover Critical Race Theory Properly

Fox News and its conservative media allies have turned white rage onto a more actionable target: critical race theory.
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After working the right up into a lather over Black Lives Matter (, 5/27/21), Fox News and its conservative media allies have turned white rage onto a more actionable target: critical race theory.

Though the theory is a longstanding and specific academic lens for understanding systemic racism, the right has transformed it into a catchall for anything that encourages talking about and addressing racism.

It’s textbook backlash politics: Racist police violence sparked a movement demanding a re-examination of racism in America and systemic reform that might challenge white privilege, so the right launched its own movement to shut down conversations about race and white privilege in any and all institutional arenas, most prominently schools, government offices (including the military) and corporations, that could possibly make that happen.

It’s unsurprising that the right would turn the focus to white victimhood rather than anti-Black violence and discrimination.

But mainstream corporate media have also given far too much space and legitimacy to the tactic.

In June, 424 articles could be found in major US newspapers that mentioned “critical race theory,” according to a Nexis search–compared to four articles in August 2020, the month before the right-wing attack on critical race theory was rolled out on Tucker Carlson’s Fox News show (9/2/20).

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