NAACP: “The World Is Watching” Biden Administration’s Treatment Of Haitian Migrants

 U.S. Border Patrols Incendiary Treatment of Haitian Migrants at the Border:
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NAACP President and CEO, Derrick Johnson, and Executive Director of Black Alliance for Just Immigration, Nana Gyamfi, Released the following Statement After Meeting with the White House on the U.S. Border Patrols Incendiary Treatment of Haitian Migrants at the Border:

"Right now, Haitian asylum seekers subjected to devastating circumstances are being forced onto airplanes in handcuffs by border patrol agents, said NAACP President Derrick Johnson. "This is a humanitarian crisis of the gravest proportion and makes a mockery of the American promise.

"Our demands to the White House are very clear:

  • Stopping expulsions and deportations immediately
  • End the uneven application of Title 42
  • Provide both aid and support to asylum seekers

"President Biden and his administration must choose the right course of action here, and do so immediately to avert further harm. The world is watching," added Johnson.

"We are glad to be part of a coalition of Black civil rights leadership demanding that the Biden administration drastically change its current course of mass deportations and have compassion for Haitian and other Black asylum seekers," said Nana Gyamfi, Executive Director of Black Alliance For Just Immigration. "The Biden administration must immediately end all expulsions and deportations of Haitian asylum seekers. In this meeting, we made it clear that the racist Title 42 program must be revoked and that Black migrants be granted humanitarian parole. As we know, asylum seekers are seeking protection, and it is unconscionable that they are being forcibly returned to the country from which they are fleeing." 

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