New Fiction: “Judge Not!�

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In “Judge Not!� the dramatic sequel to “The Wages of Sin,� Dr. Laura Bradley-Hutchins exits Compton, North Carolina on the heels of her close friend’s husband’s murder.

She heads home to Atlanta after learning that her daughter, Reason, is strung out on drugs. To make matters worse, Laura’s abusive, cheating, and millionaire ex-husband unjustly had Laura committed to a mental institution. Filled with overpowering rage, and accompanied by her wealthy, plotting-dirty best friend, Marseille Cooper, whose M.O. is to “do unto others before they do unto you,� Laura intends to even the score with Alex.

In the first book, “The Wages of Sin,� Dr. Bradley-Hutchins, a forty-something-year-old former co-owner of the family business, Hutchins Communications Firm, turned college professor, relays the story of her turbulent life with her good-for-nothing, conniving, multimillionaire husband, Alex Hutchins. Although on the surface Laura appears to lead a fairytale life, all hell breaks loose when Alex commits her to a mental institution, because he has plans for his future that do not include her.

Meanwhile, the plot thickens when readers are introduced to Pastor Robert and Regina Conrad Jr., the handsome and wealthy couple at the helm of the 5,500 and growing tithing congregation at Tabernacle Baptist church in Compton, North Carolina. 

The Conrads appear to have it all, respect in the community, six well-mannered children, and the appearance of a unblemished future, but soon everyone learns that this "man of the cloth"  has skeletons in his closet, and is happy about more than just “Jesus,� if you know what I mean.
To learn about the author, Dr. Audrey Forrest Carter, and her books, visit her web site at
Dr. Audrey Forrest-Carter’s teaching career began in 1979, after earning a MA degree in African-American literature from North Carolina A&T State University.  In 1984, she received a Ph.D. in English from Miami University of Ohio. 

She has been the recipient of several awards: Whose Who Among American Teachers, Poetry Awards, the North Carolina Board of Governor’s Award, The Winston-Salem State University John Fountain Master Teacher Award, 2005.

Her books can be ordered online and at traditional bookstores.



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