Republican Inaction On Gun Violence Proves They Aren’t “Pro-Life”

Republicans are continually proving to us that they aren’t pro-life.
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Tuesday’s Texas school shooting massacre is the latest example of the gun crazed insanity that is allowed to continue in America because of the insatiable greed for profits of gun manufacturers–and their crooked “pro-life” Republican partners in crime who stuff their stained pockets with blood money.

19 children and two teachers lost their lives Tuesday when 18-year-old Salvador Ramos–who wasn’t old enough to buy beer–was able to buy two assault weapons and unleashed hell on earth in Uvalde, Texas at the Robb Elementary School. But this mass killing of children will not spur Republicans to action–anymore than it did after the Sandy Hook massacre, where 20-year-old Adam Lanza shot and killed 26 people, including 20 children.

Republicans are continually proving to us that they aren’t pro-life. Their non-action on stopping gun violence speaks louder than the words from their lying lips.

How can they be pro-life when they do nothing while kids are being slaughtered worse than animals inside the nation’s schools? If innocent children can’t be safe in schools just where can they be safe?

Since the primary function of guns are to kill, lets ask this question: why do Republicans care less about people being killed by guns and more about allowing the unrestrained flow of these weapons of death? We must also seriously ask this: can one be “pro-life” and yet still be so absolutely pro-gun at the same?

The Republican Party, with the help of their right-wing Supreme Court judges, are about to overturn Roe v. Wade and destroy abortion rights for women. We’ve all heard Republicans give grandstanding speeches about caring for unborn lives.

But they sure don’t give one iota about the lives of the living who are losing their lives by gun violence do they?

For while people are being killed, because of the unchecked proliferation of automatic guns and assault weapons, we get dumb arguments about protecting the Second Amendment. Is the Second Amendment–which was really never about giving individual Americans gun rights, outside of service in state militias–more important that saving lives?

Republicans conveniently seek cover behind the Second Amendment to hide the real reason they will not act on sensible gun safety laws: to protect the ungodly profits of their NRA gun lobby buddies.

Think about this: these people are willing to sacrifice the lives of innocent Americans–including helpless children–so that the gun manufacturing merchants of death can make more money. This is the character of our “pro-life” Republican Party.

Republicans are always telling us that to stop gun violence we need more guns not less. This argument is beyond absurd. We know there were armed officers in the Uvalde school who weren’t able to stop Ramos from killing these 19 children and two teachers.

Moreover, it is simply common sense that more guns will equal more gun violence not less. But this silly argument is always brought up to say that “good guys with guns” will stop the bad ones. If this were an absolute truth, Texas would be one of the safest states since Republicans there have done everything to make obtaining guns as easy as possible. Yet still, according to the CDC, in 2020, Texas had more gun deaths (some 4,164) than any other state.

Of course, this nonsense about more guns is all about continuing gun sales–and by extension securing the recurring blood money bribes that Republicans love to receive from their gun lobby donor-daddies. These Republicans are shameful crooks. We cannot expect them to do the right thing, until some of them are defeated in elections and thrown out of office on their behinds.

There has been much talk about the Republicans taking back control of Congress in the November mid-terms. The question is will Democrats allow that to really become reality?

The Democrats should be trouncing these immorally corrupt Republicans into the foreseeable future. The problem is the Democratic Party leadership, along with senators like Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinem, stand in the way of progress. In the coming years, some more house cleaning (of the kind that gave us Rep. Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez, Rep. Ayanna Pressley and Rep. Jamaal Bowman) must take place inside the Democratic Party.

For now though, Democrats must set their sights on toppling a few Republican senators. There is one particular Republican senator who seems ripe for a defeat that would strengthen the power of Democrats: that senator is Marco Rubio.

The likely Florida race between Senator Marco Rubio and Rep. Val Demings is one in particular that Democrats should attack with vigor.

Rubio should be targeted as the first domino to fall (to punish senators who block gun legislation) for his unwavering stance against gun safety. Many Florida families will remember the weak excuses Rubio made when they were pleading with him to sign on to sensible gun-control legislation after the 2018 Stoneman Douglas High School shooting, that took the lives of 17 people.

Moreover, Rubio will be facing a formidable opponent in Demings. Rep. Demings is a former police officer–who was the police chief of the Orlando Police Department from 2007 to 2011. The Democratic Party should do everything in their power to topple Rubio by strongly supporting Demings.

In Georgia, Democrats must do everything to help Rev. Raphael Warnock retain his seat.

90 percent of Americans back sensible gun-safety legislation. But Republicans continue to be the obstructive force in the U.S. Senate–because they like the money they get from gun manufacturers.

According to the Brady Organization, this is the list of the senators who receive the most “donations” from the NRA, including Sen. Rubio who is sixth on the list at $3,303,355.

This list is filled with the names of these “pro-life” Republican lawmakers. Many of them are the same Republicans who supposedly care about the unborn in women’s wombs but they won’t do anything to stop kids from going to early tombs–like the 19 who were just killed in Texas.

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